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Tristan vs Dom9 - Vegas Battles 88 Part 2

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Round #2 of the sexy hotel showdown picks up with Dom9 and Tristan in a fierce battle for control! Forced to his back, Dom9 groans in pain; his beefy pecs attacked with brutal chops and double pec claw. "I'm gonna teach you a thing or two! Give to a real man!" threatens Tristan with a rake to Dom9's eyes. Unable to see, Dom9 is folded in a tight cradle; until he breaks away hungry for revenge. His blood boiling, Dom9 squeezes Tristan's leg like a vise tighter and tighter between his quads of steel. Tristan howls in pain and pleads for mercy, but his screams are halted by Dom9's hand. The intense muscle worship continues throughout as things get down and dirty with smacks to the ass, grinding, face smothering, and a vicious groin attack! Breathing hard and heavy, Dom9 and Tristan tear each other apart with bearhugs, head scissors, and brutal gut punches. This steamy, two-part matchup ends in a jaw-dropping finish as one wrestler is finally forced to pay up. "I always get my way! I'm gonna have my way with you!" whispers the devious winner.