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Zman vs Iceman & Scarface - Easter Bash 2008 Part B

$ 31.25

Match 2 Zman vs Iceman helped by Scarface


Zman takes you on a tour of his house, right from stepping out of the shower. He walks you through the house giving you the grand tour, only wearing a towel to cover up. He walks over and grabs the Easter basket and decided to show it off to Iceman who is talking to his good friend scareface outside on the mat. They can't believe someone would send Zman a present, to quote Iceman, "Zman's wrestling sucks, why would he have any fans?" Iceman steals Zman's basket and after a quick game of "keep away" Zman SNAPS and attacks Iceman. This is a serious battle now. Nobody screws with Zman's Easter. Zman goes into total domination mode. He does bearhugs after bearhug, over the knee backbreakers, atomic drops, and more bearhugs. Iceman tries to defend himself and fight back with a few head scissors and a couple of dirty tricks, like a wedgie. Yet, Iceman decides to cheat and have his buddy scar face help him out to double team Zman. Scarface holds Zman's arms while Iceman punches on him repeatedly. Zman does get them back later though with a double camel clutch! When the Iceman team realizes that they in trouble they decide to really CHEAT and break out the chloroform. They knock Zman out with choloroform only to turn him into a human easter egg! That's right they wake him up and then Iceman throws and pours yellow mustard all over Zman to die his skin yellow to give him an Easter he will never forget.