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O'Shea vs Alexander - Halloween Havoc 2009B

$ 30.00

Deal of the Day!

This Match Promo was put up on YouTube and they BANNED it within 3 days! I didn't think it was that bad. You take a look at it and decide.Now introducing a new rookie pro indy wrestler O'Shea! He is all excited to join Thunder Arena team and was just trying to decorate stuff for Halloween when Alexander starts messing with him. Alexander and him exchange words but O'Shea gets locked out of the house while Alexander helps himself to all of O'Shea's booze. Alexander gets so drunk that he thinks the rat on the wall is alive and starts talking to it. Well O'Shea finally gets back into the house and finds the drunken Alexander and challenges him to a wrestling match since he drank all his booze.

The rest of this match is NOT for the faint of heart. These are two real trained pro wrestlers, granted one drunk, going at it all out! It is a brutal match to watch with crazy moves, LOTS of dirty tricks, weapons, and crazy surprises. There is awesome high flying action plus serious long held mat holds. The chains used as weapons are just brutal to watch used against each other. Just when you think things were already crazy enough out come more improvised weapons. If you love to watch pro wrestling this is the match for you to watch! This match is full of brutal action but I must say watching a drunk pro wrestler go at it and hearing his comments really makes this a comedy too. There are a lot of funny trash talk things said in this match that will make it your new all time favorite match to watch! Plus has crazy special ending...