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Vinny Zman leg stretch thighs

Vinny vs Zman - Custom Video Series 05

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

This is a custom match one of our fans ordered. We ofer these matches where you get to write the script, choose who you want to see wrestle, and choose the ending. This is a fan's dream match between Zman vs Vinny. Everything you see from what they say. to how they wrestle was scripted out by this fan. Enjoy looking into the mind of one of your fellow fans. Vinny challenges him to a leg wrestling contest. Zman knows that with his beautiful, golden legs that he will have no problem destroying Vinny. Zman and Vinny face off. They battle it out using their legs to trip and get an advantage. This match is full of the most unique pins and fight combos I have ever seen. Zman is very arrogant saying things like, "What did I tell you... no one has better legs than Zman!" There are 7 different unique pins never done by our wrestlers before requested by this fan. You will see some dirty moves like some hair pulling, someone gets speared, reversed clothesline and suplex. This is a grudge match to see who has the better legs in Thunders.