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Tak Kid Titan lift carry water match pool

Tak vs Kid Titan - Custom Video Series 11

$ 31.25

Handsome, tough, little guy TAK is going to teach hunky Kid Titan who owns the pool at Thunders Arena and it leads to an awesome, wet, beat down between two hot guys in wet suits. The match starts out with TAK ambushing Kid Titan. Both guys are in skin tight wet suits, showing the curves and bulges of their muscular bodies. TAK beats the living daylights out of Kid Titan with endless gut punches, knees to the body and head butts. Then TAK puts a strap around Kid Titans neck and chokes him. More gut shots follow before TAK puts Kid Titans head in the pool so he cant breathe. Who owns the pool? TAK asks Kid Titan, who is now totally at TAKs mercy. After pulling the handsome hunk to his feet, TAK knocks him into the pool. Jumping in, TAK continues his punishment. TAK holds Kid Titans head under water over and over, puts him against the side of the pool and knees him in the ribs. Finally satisfied with his destruction of Kid Titan, TAK starts to walk out of the pool. Incredibly, Kid Titan has some fight left and grabs TAK between the legs, pulling him back in. The tables are quickly turned as Kid Titan begins a payback beating on TAK. Kid Titan delivers chokes, underwater dunks, gut shots and knees to the body, over and over. Finally, Kid Titan throws TAKs limp body out of the pool, climbs out himself and peels down his wet suit to reveal his incredible muscular upper body. Then he does some victory flexing over TAK. This match is very wet, but that doesnt keep it from being smoking hot. You will want to see this one.