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Specimen Logan arm lock arms biceps street clothes

Specimen vs Logan - Custom Video Series 15

$ 25.95

This video begins with Specimen flexing and admiring his body in a full length mirror as he dresses for errands. He flexes and rubs his muscles as they bulge beneath his clothes. Logan barges in, sits on the edge of the tub and starts ridiculing the muscle god, calling him fat and saying that his muscles are useless and just for show. The little guy just wont back down and as he escalates his verbal attack, Specimen has enough, grabs Logan, throws him over his shoulder and takes him out to the mat to settle it once and for all. Logan goes on the offensive, cranking Specimen's arm up behind his back, showing the big guy's lack of flexibility and taking him down to the mat. The little guy uses every advantage his has by pulling Specimen's shirt up over his head, blinding him and limiting his mobility. As Specimen's clothes are slowly peeled off, the two trade head scissors, chokes, arm bars, nelsons and plenty of other moves, each vying for supremacy. Specimen punishes Logan with a series of bear hugs, headlocks and a choke lift that leaves Logan purple but seeing red. The little guy rallies and once again, using Specimen's disappearing clothes, gains the upper hand, taking the big guy down to the mat where he removes the last of Specimen's clothes, leaving him in a pair of his trademark posing trunks. Logan attacks Specimen's abs with elbows and gut punches before finally getting the muscled giant into a sleeper hold. Will Specimen have enough energy and strength to get out or will the little newcomer reign supreme?