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Dakota vs Lex - Mat Rats 36

$ 22.99
$ 31.25

Dakota is a big guy with plenty of muscle. He takes on scrappy little tough guy Lex in this super hot big v. little match. Dakota clearly has the advantage in size and power. Lex is smaller, but he is one tough guy who definitely knows how to inflict pain on an opponent. Dakota dominates the match almost immediately with his superior strength and bigger body, getting Lex on the mat and locked into a painful arm hold within seconds. He then puts Lex in a series of painful holds. Cocky Dakota repeatedly asks Lex how it feels, as Lex struggles in vain to escape. Youll see Dakota punishing Lex with cradles, a few bear hugs, a backbreaker, choke holds, a devastating atomic drop and forearm smash. Throughout the match, Dakota disrespects Lex with comments about Lexs hair, tattoos, leopard skin tights and earrings. But Lex is a tough competitor on the mat and this is also a great match for fans who enjoy watching a smaller guy dominate a big, cocky guy. Youll see Lex slap a figure four leg lock on Dakota that leaves the bigger guy limping in pain. Lex also lures Dakota into a game of mercy, then slams his knee into Dakotas chest, giving him the advantage long enough to lock Dakota into a side headlock. Smiling Lex says Size doesnt matter. Its the brain. Lex even jumps from the top of the fireplace to smash into Dakota, dropping him to the mat. These guys also exchange lots of chops to the chest and slaps to the abs. The ending is pretty decisive. Will big, cocky Dakota squash smaller Lex, or will the smaller tough guy dominate the big bully? Be sure to get the video and find out.