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Davin vs Axel - Vegas Battles 141

$ 25.95

320 vs 170 - Newest Big vs Little for 2022

Right off the bat, Axel makes a move and lifts Davin over his shoulders! Surprised Davin knocks Axel down and lifts him over his shoulders. However, Axel has some tricks up his sleeve and counters Davin!

Davin isn't going to let Axel get the better of him and picks him up and SLAMS HIM DOWN HARD! When Davin appears to injure his leg, Axel begins to pinpoint the injury and work it over.

You can see Axel's confidence grow more and more as he controls Davin, even doing pushups on him at one point! But Davin uses his size and weight to counter and locks Axel in a side headlock pushing his face straight into his bicep and armpit.

Axel continues uses his technical wrestling skills to try and fight against the massive wrestler, but Davin counters each time before Axel can get more momentum. Still, Davin's injured leg is a weak point and Axel keeps attacking it!

Watch Davin use his massive arms to do Bearhugs, full nelsons, sleeper holds, fireman's carries, BRUTAL body slams, and choke lifts showcase the strengths and skills of this manly wrestler as he tries to bring this boy to heel on Davin's mat.