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Davin vs Bronze Bullet - Custom Video Series 148

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Bronze Bullet decided to take his bearhug challenge over to Las Vegas! He meets up with Davin in a hotel room and the two wrestlers decide to settle the score. Davin locks up Bronze Bullet in a ferocious bearhug. He squeezes his ribs harder and harder and you can see the agony on the face of Bronze Bullet! Davin throws him down and Bronze Bullet decides to get one of his own and lifts Davin up in (what he thinks) is a tight bearhug. But, Davin just shrugs it off flexing and taunting his opponents weak muscles. Does Bronze Bullet actually believe he can stand up to a bearhug challenge with the 320 pound Davin? He finds out quickly that Davin is the real deal and starts to get tossed around the mat over and over. Davin wants to continue this bearhug competition aka bearhug BEATDOWN. He SMOTHERS Bronze Bullet into the mat suffocating him in his pecs while he grinds him down. Bronze Bullet fights to breathe as Davin does not relent! Sweat starts to pour out of the mass monster while he is on top of Bronze Bullet. More chest to chest bearhugs weaken Bronze Bullet to the point where he cannot even stand up. Now Davin starts in with the power moves and humiliation. He lifts him over his shoulders while spanking him. He easily squats him. He tosses him around like a ragdoll before flexing and showing off every muscle for the camera. More chest to chest bearhugs squeeze life from Bronze Bullet even further. A quick flex and Bronze Bullet gets a second wind and attempts to torture rack Davin. Can he lift the monster over his shoulders? Davin finds it amusing and counters with a nasty torture rack of his own! Repeated body slams come next while Davin gives Bronze Bullet no room to recover. A breath-taking finish will leave one man laid out face up vulnerable to anyone's next attack...