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Davin vs Caesar - Vegas Battles 139

$ 22.99
$ 31.25

Caesar is standing on a chair flexing and Davin has questions. Caesar uses this ruse to sneak attack Davin and jumps on his back! But the mass monster Davin is unphased and throws Caesar to the mat like a piece of trash! Caesar stands up to his opponent, but Davin uses very little energy lifting him up in a fireman's carry and throws him to the mat. Davin jumps down locking his massive thighs around the body of Caesar and tightens them like a vice grip. He pulls Caesar's arms up nearly pulling his shoulders out of their sockets. Davin transitions to a rear sleeper hold and casually puts Caesar straight to sleep face down on the mat! He wakes him back up wanting to inflict more punishment. He lifts him up and tortures Caesars body over his broad, muscular shoulders before tossing him away. Next up is a massive chest to chest bearhug squeezing Caesar in half! Caesar is helpless at this point and takes punishing move after punishing move. When he decides enough is enough, Caesar launches a strong punch straight into Davin's balls! The low blow drops Davin to his knees and Caesar locks in a rear sleeper. But a flash of anger across Davin's face shows and he tosses him over his shoulder and locks in a side headlock! Caesar continues his trash talk while being grinded into the mat over and over. Davin smothers his opponent dripping sweat onto his chest and face. Caesar throws up his hips launching Davin into the couch. He gets up and stretches Davin's pecs to their max before locking in a standing headlock. But Davin stands straight up bringing Caesar up with him! He flips him over and grabs him by the throat lifting him up in a brutal choke lift! Caesar tries to fight off the 320 pound monster, but he is slowly losing the battle with every choke lift and over the knee backbreaker. Will David be able to slay Goliath in this Las Vegas hotel room?