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Davin vs Cason - Vegas Battles 137

$ 34.75

Davin does NOT want to small talk with Cason. They lock up as Davin takes his meathook hand and slaps Cason down driving him to the mat! Davin takes full control of Cason locking him up and not letting him go. Cason continues his patented trash talk, but has no chance early on as Davin uses all of his 320 pounds to lay on his opponent. Cason struggles to gain any leverage against the mass monster. He is pounded and grinded into the mat repeatedly while Davin flexes and shows off. Cason starts to question how Davin is even controlling him so well. Davin has no words or concern as he smiles and continues to smash his opponent. Once Davin has established that Cason is no match for him wrestling, he decides to have some fun and grabs a handful between Cason's legs and grips down HARD! Cason squirms but to no avail. This begins a game of cat and mouse where Davin toys with his smaller opponent smothering him in headlocks on the mat. Cason begins to exhaust himself fighting against all 320 pounds of Davin. But Davin is not going to let up. The massive bodybuilder uses full nelsons, bearhugs, choke lifts (multiple choke lifts), leg scissors, massive gut punches, and an UNREAL GORILLA PRESS to squash Cason! (An extra slow motion shot is included of the gorilla press so DO NOT MISS THAT!) Is Davin the real deal?