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Davin vs Cesario - Vegas Battles 150

$ 31.25

Davin stares down his new prey Cesario. Davin makes the new rookie flex just to show him how small he is in comparison to the 320 lbs. mass monster. Cesario timidly flexes while Davin circles him smelling the fear. Cesario leaps onto Davin's back and wraps his arm around Davin's thick neck! When that doesn't work, Cesario locks in a chest to chest bearhug. Davin controls the rookie before throwing Cesario over his shoulder and flexing. Cesario starts to become exhausted and Davin smashes him into the mat. Davin wraps his massive legs around Cesario's head and begins to squeeze. HE GETS HARDER AND HARDER until Cesario begs for mercy! Will Davin let him go?

Cesario has been demolished and utterly humiliated after being smothered in Davin's legs! Davin swats Cesario away like trash and flexes for the camera. Cesario gives in trying to wrestle and decides to just muscle worship Davin. Cesario takes the worship too far and Davin decides it is time for more destruction. Davin takes his beat down to the next level and decides to add even more insult to injury. He throws his weight directly on top of Cesario and rubs every inch of his body across Cesario's face! When Cesario starts to give in and take Davin's punishment, he actually starts to like it. This sets Davin off! He tosses Cesario off of him and lifts him up in a BRUTAL choke lift! Davin snatches Cesario off the mat and thrashes him around in a TIGHT belly to belly bearhug. The pain starts to set in and Cesario can't take anymore!

How long can Cesario take Davin's brutal punishment? Watch today for a surprisingly steamy and unforgettable ending!