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Davin vs Gohan - Custom Video Series 156

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Davin: 6 ft. 320 lbs 


Gohan: 5 ft. 6 in. 155 lbs

Davin wastes no time lifting Gohan and squeezing the life out of him! He throws him down before lifting him back up and mauling the already broken Gohan. GOHAN REALIZES HE HAS BITTEN OFF MORE THAN HE CAN CHEW. Davin easily and repeatedly puts the pressure on Gohan's much smaller physique. He squeezes him over and over and in every way imaginable. Davin flexes all 320 pounds of muscle in between while smashing Gohan into the mat with his foot. Any time Gohan opens his mouth Davin attacks! Gohan cannot escape and is slowly drained of any energy he has left! Gohan is finished from the start. Davin throws him around pinning him against every surface there is. He drips sweat on his opponent while his grip becomes tighter and tighter around Gohan's body. Gohan fights back throwing punches into Davin, but Davin doesn't even feel the hits. He continues to lift Gohan, squeeze him more, and then SLAM him back into the mat! Davin takes the action to the mat and shows no signs of letting up. He becomes so merciless the tension in the room builds and there is a real concern for the safety of Gohan. His body is slammed and rolled around the mat with no regard for his health. Davin doesn't care. Will Gohan be able to walk off the mat with broken ribs?