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Davin vs Stevie - Vegas Battles 132

$ 31.25


320 lbs. vs 150 lbs.

Davin booms through the hotel room to see his first victim in Thunders Arena. "Is this a joke?" Davin immediately throws Stevie to the mat and smothers him with all of his 320 pounds of solid muscle. Is Stevie safe on the mat with the monster Davin? Stevie struggles as his face turns beet red while Davin just toys with his new plaything. Being 320 pounds of solid muscle AND HAVING WRESTLING SKILLS is a dangerous combination and Stevie is on the wrong side of this matchup. Pure annihilation begins with Davin encasing Stevie giving him no chance of escape. He sits on him talking trash as the two wrestlers fumble on the mat. Stevie breaks soon into the match and cowers. Slaps on the ass and trash talk adds insult to injury. A second wind has Stevie an attempt with a sleeper buy Stevie throws him off before locking in a schoolboy pin. Chest to chest bearhugs and flexing leads to Davin starting to enjoy touching on Stevie's muscles. Stevie is caught off guard when the mass monster begins to muscle worship him. However, Davin has not let up and takes Stevie back down. Will a brief show of mercy foreshadow Davin taking it easy on his small victim? Or will the 320 monster squash Stevie like a bug?