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Deadlock vs Smash - Rough & Ready 157

$ 31.59

Before Smash beats on Deadlock, he wants to talk about himself more 🙄 Deadlock bumps Smash off the mat and then swiftly takes him down! Smash is ready to go toe to toe with Deadlock and counters to get on top! He pins Deadlock to the mat and yells to him "WHO'S YOUR DADDY?!" Deadlock snaps and flips Smash over sitting on his chest flexing in his face!

Both athletes flip their opponents and counter back to back until the match turns a little dirty! Both guys start to throw some low blows and cheap shots to gain an advantage. Smash is up first nails Deadlock with a low blow before locking him up in a standing head scissors! Falling to the mat, Smash yells for Deadlock to give up! Will Smash make Deadlock tap out?

When Deadlock refuses to tap out, Smash gets irate and his aggressions turns up a notch! He lifts Deadlock in a brutal torture rack and slams him to the mat! He throws HARD gut punches proven by the red smack marks on Deadlock's chest and abs! Smash's aggression just drives up Deadlock's testosterone and he flies out from under Smash and puts Smash to sleep with a figure four head lock! Now, Deadlock is the aggressor picking Smash up and slamming him over into an over the knee backbreaker and pins him to the mat! 

Deadlock's experience begins to be the deciding factor and Smash begins to lose energy. Deadlock puts him through the wringer of submissions including a deadly Boston crab maneuver that nearly snaps Smash's lower back!

Can Smash recover and get aggressive fighting back against Deadlock again? Or has Deadlock beat and choked the fight out of Smash? DOWNLOAD NOW AVAILABLE!