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Dennis Big Sexy headscissors submission hold submit armbar armlock arm

Dennis vs Big Sexy - Rough & Ready 11B

$ 31.25

What most fans don't know is that Big Sexy and Dennis are actually long time friends. Still that can lead to a lot of friendly revelry. Nobody knew this, expect my staff, but Dennis and Big Sexy have had this long time argument behind the scenes of Thunder's Arena as to who has the best most devastating body scissors. Well we got tired of hearing them run thir mouths and told them to put it on film for the fans and prove who is the best! So they tore into each other with one goal in mind to get the other to submit by body scissors. Still there are a lot more moves and action than just that in this match up. They sorta just let there emotions run wild with all kinds of humiliation holds like schoolboy pins, head scissors, and dragon sleepers to get each other in and try and make the other submit. This is a back and forth match with a lot of mat work in it. You'll love watching each and every minute of them struggling, squirming, and grinding it out to end this fight.