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bicep flex comparison

Derek Atlas vs Tristan Baldwin aka Aryx - Custom Video Series 94

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

"One of these days I'll find someone worthy to share this ring with me!" Tristan is warming up when an unexpected guest arrives, Derek Atlas. "Heard you're looking for a tag team partner?" "What the hell is this, the porn star? It looks kinda pretty; I'm not impressed!" The beast climbs in the ring standing toe to toe with the vet, "This is more than pretty; this is pure power!" flexes Derek. "I would've thought you were a lot bigger in person!" mocks Tristan. A flex off begins as both muscle hunks compare size. "Your eyesight must be going with age. This is the new muscle god in town, 220lbs of pure muscle!" declares Derek. "I carry losers off the battlefield bigger than you!" taunts Tristan as a forearm blow to the back sends him crashing down. The beast grabs the vet's head and LAUNCHES him across the ring flipping him mid-air! Groaning in pain, Tristan tries getting up but is STOMPED over and over into the ground. "Test of strength? I'll break your f***in hands!" threatens the vet. Derek salivates at the chance to show off his power and lets him up for a one-arm mercy challenge. Veins pop, biceps bulge as Tristan is overpowered and slammed on his back! "What's up now?" taunts Atlas as the wrestler stumbles to his feet, "Is that how you young bucks do it now, just blitz someone out of the blue?" His brutal beatdown rages on: snapmare takedown, over-the-shoulder throw, a NECK-BREAKING full nelson! "What do you think about me being your tag team partner now?" "You got my attention!" Tristan BARRELS in for a belly to belly bearhug slamming Derek down, but the beast falls on top of him crushing him into the ring floor. "You 220 or 240?" moans the vet peeling himself up as the young buck wraps his powerful python around his throat in a sleeper. Barely conscious, Tristan crawls to the turnbuckle begging for a break, "Hold on a second!" The ruthless behemoth shows no mercy CHOKING the vet's neck with his foot as he tries desperately to break free, "How's that feel?" Another snapmare takedown has Tristan laid out completely gassed as the behemoth mounts his chest pinning him down. "You're not the only one with power kid!" A surge of energy has Tristan breaking free charging in for a clothesline, but Derek ducks away delivering a MEATHOOK CLOTHESLINE of his own, "Too slow!" Crazily, the vet tries again but is lifted across the beast's gorilla sized chest and curled with ease. "You don't want me as a tag team partner? Unbelievable!" Atlas tosses the wrestler out of the ring then drags him across the middle rope mid-air CRUSHING his skull between his quads of steel, "How's the view down there? That's a real man!" An UPSIDE DOWN bearhug leads to the behemoth hanging his victim from the turnbuckle to break him apart: stomp, gut punch, knees to the ribs! "Let me see this little chest!" Derek pulls down Tristan's singlet exposing his silky smooth skin, "That's it? You don't recognize a real chest when you see one!" The muscle beast brings down his own singlet; his furry, beefy pecs on full display as he SLAMS the wrestler to the ground! "You getting tired?" Exhausted, Tristan stands up refusing to quit, "I've taken beatings 10 times worse!" "Oh it's gonna get worse!" An over-the-knee back breaker and sharp elbows to the groin/abs has the vet HOWLING in agony as the dominant beast rips off his singlet exposing his gold trunks. Tristan can barely get up falling straight into Derek's arms, "You want a bearhug, a real man's grip?" The behemoth digs his meaty forearms in SQUEEZING every last breath from his lungs, "You're not getting out of this! Today, you're my b****!" Beaten and broken, the wrestler's chiseled frame is laid across the top turnbuckle as Derek flexes in victory. A devilish grin appears as the beast grabs the vet tossing him face first to the canvas FROM THE TOP ROPE! Somehow, Tristan stays conscious as the 220 pounder mounts his abs pinning his arms down to his sides. "You glad Derek Atlas came to town? You're nothing!" In total control, the dominant behemoth has his way with his prey: pec claws, titty twisters, pec flicking, hammers to the skull! Tristan is in agony as the beast locks in a massive rear head scissors; his face BURIED deep in Derek's tree-trunk quads. "Squirm for me; I'll just get tighter!" Struggling to breathe, the vet taps out pulling down his captor's singlet. "You like this? It can be a token!" Derek removes his singlet exposing his tiny red trunks and tosses it on his victim. A darkness takes over as the brutal fight leads to a SHOCKING end, "Little b****! You like being in the big man's arms?