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Diesel vs Big Sexy - Mat Rats 15

$ 31.25

Diesel just finished winning 2nd place in a Florida bodybuilding competition, so he looks jacked!  Big Sexy is back running his big mouth, as the cockiest wrestler on our roster now.   Big Sexy starts out the match by challenging Diesel to an arm wrestling match.  Big Sexy quick to start in with the insults and quick wit funny come backs that would make Alexander proud.  After they lock up, Diesel gets slammed quicker than he could realize!   His feet left the ground and NOBODY throws Diesel around like that, it just makes him MAD.  Big Sexy keeps his offense going by locking Diesels arms behind his back not allowing Diesel any leverage to power out during a bearhug.  It was a really smart move on Big Sexy's part to take away Diesels leverage so he can't use his power against him hold after hold.  One time Big Sexy locks Diesels arm in so tight you can see the anger building inside Diesel getting ready to explode!  Big sexy tries to keep wearing Diesel down by throwing a few gut punches and kidney shots.  Diesel breaks out, makes his way to his feet, catching his second wind and the attack is on!  Diesel power throws Big Sexy over him and on to his head.  Diesel starts crushing the life out of Big sexy in long held bearhugs while  trash talking him the whole time.  Diesel has no mercy and constantly is crushing Big Sexy and flexing like only Diesel can do.  The rest of this match is really a classic battle of high school wrestling technique fighting off raw power and attitude.  Awesome to see who is going to win this one.  Don't miss it.