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Dirty Daddy neck claw Brute big pecs biceps

Dirty Daddy vs Brute - Mat Wars 49

$ 25.00
$ 31.59

Dirty Daddy is throwing a pool party and has invited anyone who thinks they can beat him. As he stands on the pool deck, posing and showing of his "sexy web" speedos, Brute arrives. These two professional wrestlers exchange the typical trash talk, calling each other out and flexing to show who is bigger and stronger before locking up. Dirty Daddy makes the first move and traps Brute in a headlock, threatening to pop his head "like a zit". Brute breaks free and for a bit, the two trade arm locks before Dirty Daddy gains the upper hand again and gets Brute into a full nelson. Brute, tries to escape and as he stretches his arms, yells, "If there were ropes, I'd grab them", but this pro wrestler has no such luck. Dirty Daddy shows his prowess at trash talking and showmanship as he spreads Brute's arms while keeping him on the ground, exclaiming, "I'm a sexual spider god!" Dirty Daddy releases Brute when he receives a quick gut punch and as Brute tries to crawl away, his opponent stands on the mat, posing before dragging Brute back to the center of the mat. Dirty Daddy applies a painful figure four and when Brute makes too much noise, he tells him "don't scream, I don't want my neighbors to hear you." Brute eventually rolls to his stomach and reverses the figure four on Dirty Daddy. The two battle to control the pressure on each other's legs as the roll back and forth, each gaining the upper hand for a brief moment. They regain their footing and Brute gets a front headlock on DD, while delivering a brutal punch to his side. Dirty Daddy walks off the mat in what appears to be a retreat into the bathroom. Brute follows but is quickly pushed back out the door and onto the mat. DD starts throwing elbows and Brute is enduring the beating when he decides to even the odds and knees Dirty Daddy in the abdomen. Brute seizes the opportunity and clenches DD in a bearhug, squeezing his ribs. Dirty Daddy tries to sing to keep his mind off the pain before delivering two more forearms blows to Brute's back. Brute drops DD and this time HE heads for the safety of the bathroom. Dirty Daddy isn't content to let the fight be over and follows Brute, closing the door behind him. We hear banging and shouting before the door flies open and DD is thrown back out. Brute goes on the assault and delivers a rib crushing body scissors combined with a full nelson. Dirty Daddy taps out and is released but borrows a page from Brute's book and begins crawling towards the pool. Brute doesn't let him get too far and puts him a back-straining camel clutch. DD manages to get away and turns the tables on Brute, going for an trap claw, which from the looks on both wrestlers' faces is intense. Brute busts out an old Iron Sheik move and applies the Iron Claw. But DD doesn't let him have it that easily and gets Brute into a headlock and body scissors of his own. DD tells Brute to call him Dirty Daddy, but Brute refuses. The two utilize every bit of their pro wrestling experience and begin calling out signature moves of their heroes, paying homage to the WWF wrestlers of the eighties. Dirty Daddy breaks free and does a front roll and a kick to the chest of Brute, who calls his moves "luchador bullshit". DD defends his moves, but is quickly trapped within Brute's giant arms. Brute rolls DD up onto his shoulders, going for the pin, but Dirty Daddy pushes out of it. Brute rolls him up again, almost securing the pin, but agin DD gets free. Brute switches up and applies a head scissors to Dirty Daddy, but DD quickly reverses and gets Brute in a head scissors of his own and again threatens to "pop" Brute's head. Brute breaks loose, but Dirty Daddy isn't done yet and gets him into a one legged ab stretch, which looks painful and Brute notes "is the most awkward thing ever" before eye raking Dirty Daddy. DD recovers and despite his blurry vision, traps Brute in a sleeper. Will the invitation to the party be wasted or will Brute escape the sleeper and prove that it's really HIS party?