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Dolf pins Bager to the mat at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Dolf vs Bager - Battlespace 102

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Bager is about to face his biggest opponent yet, the 220 pound, thick muscled Dolf! The two opponents circle each other on the mat. Dolf asks Bager how he got his name? Bager says it's because he's VICIOUS but doesn't seem to impress Dolf. He calls the 5'6" Dolf "shorty" and the match is on!!!
Bager gets a quick takedown. The veteran Dolf recovers, pinning the rookie to the mat in an arm lock. Bager escapes, but is soon put in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissor. Surprisingly, Bager breaks free and gets Dolf in a tight cradle. He transitions to a full nelson and has Dolf moaning in pain. DOLF IS WINDED! Bager grabs Dolf's leg in a takedown and delivers a sit-down Boston crab. Dolf aka "the little man" strikes back and puts Bager in a leg lock. The two then have a flex off. Bager pinches Dolf's stomach calling him fat, then puts him in an ab stretch. Dolf's boulder biceps can't break the hold. Instead, he does an INCREDIBLE snapmare takedown on Bager!! The rookie breaks away, gets Dolf to his stomach, and delivers a VICIOUS camel clutch. This match is very back and forth! Dolf is able to flex out, goes for a low blow, and buries his foot in Bager's crotch. The two musclemen exchange side headlocks taking each other down. It's the veteran's turn to deliver a sit down Boston crab! He picks Bager up in a CRUSHING front bearhug jumping up and down with the rookie in his arms. He throws Bager onto his shoulder, but Bager slides off his back. Dolf decides to give Bager a break and sits on him!! The rookie STRUGGLES to breathe, calling him "fatty". Dolf fires back, "Come on skinny...you resting your girl muscles?" Bager summons his strength, LAUNCHES Dolf off of him and delivers a banana split! The veteran is feeling this one and can't stand. "Ready for your break?" Bager returns the favor and sits on Dolf!
Bager headlocks Dolf then puts him in a front head scissors. Dolf breaks away but is GASPING for air!! The two flex off again. Dolf's thick, meaty muscles outshine Bager. He picks Bager up in a rear bearhug SHAKING him around. Dolf does a standing head scissor on Bager then an arm bar. After the hold is released, both exchange TIGHT full nelsons. Bager is taken down in a snapmare takedown then put in a bow and arrow until he submits.
The match ends in EXTREME PUNISHMENT!! The loser is chokelifted into the air as he begs, "I give, I give!" The winner declares, "I'm not done with you." The loser is then put in a BONE-CRUSHING bearhug until they submit and collapse to the mat!! The Rookie or the Vet? Who will win?? You gotta buy it to find out!