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Dolf vs Duke - Ring Wars 50

Dolf vs Duke - Ring Wars 50

$ 25.95

Duke is in the ring stretching his awesome body and warming up for his match with Dolf!  Sporting a new haircut, Dolf is looking wider and thicker than ever!  “What are you doing over there?” asks Dolf.  “Getting ready to kick your ass!” is the reply – Duke is obviously not intimidated by Dolf’s muscle or his impressive record here at Thunder’s Arena!  The two musclestuds flex and compare poses, providing a show for the fans!  Duke looks impressive in tiny yellow and purple trunks, his outstanding glutes barely contained by the fabric!  The two men test each other out with lock-ups and bearhugs, but neither gets a clear advantage – these guys are evenly matched!  They lock up again, this time Duke gets a front facelock on Dolf.  Duke pulls his foe up into a Full Nelson, using his height to press down HARD on his neck!  Dolf is thrown onto the ropes, where Duke drives knee after knee into Dolf’s spine!  Dolf gets mad, shoving Duke into the corner and unloading with shoulder barges to Duke’s midsection, before throwing him to the centre of the ring for a painful leglock!

Another lock-up and Dolf scoops Duke up over his shoulders, ramming his delts up into Duke’s already weakened abs!  Duke crumples to the canvas in agony where Dolf follows up with a modified headlock, torqueing Duke’s neck!  There is clearly no love lost here as Duke ups the ante, clamping a choke / hammer lock combo on the bodybuilder!  Dolf is suffering, but manages to throw Duke forward onto his back.  Dolf shows off his MMA background, applying a devastating armlock – Duke is desperate to be ANYWHERE but trapped in that hold!  Dolf looks like he’s going to rip Duke’s arm out, but Duke manages to escape and quicly slaps a Boston Crab on Dolf, warping his spine!  Duke whips Dolf into the ropes, clotheslining him to the canvas – Dolf is in trouble now as Duke applies a Seated Full Nelson, Dolf’s arms flailing in the air for any kind of release!  Duke is all business as he shakes Dolf from side to side – but Dolf manages to flex out, surprising Duke and clamping on a TIGHT Hamstring Stretch!  Duke clutches his leg in pain, but Dolf just goes right back on the attack, wrapping his legs around Duke for a Scissor / Sleeper combo.  Duke holds on, but finds himself draped over the middle rope with Dolf’s weight bearing down on him!  Dolf targets the arms, his traps and delts popping with the effort as he PUNISHES the upstart Duke!  A judo hip toss from Dolf has Duke landing hard on his back, wide open for Dolf to slap on another of his deadly armlocks!  Duke is in a world of hurt right, but he’s not done yet – he rams Dolf into the corner and unloads fist after fist into Dolf’s brick-wall abs!

These two are far from finished with each other – can Duke keep the momentum and claim the win?  Or will Dolf add another W to his impressive record?  This match is all action – both of these guys REALLY want to win!  A REAL low blow ending will have you wincing as one musclehunk is brought down whilst the other flexes over him.  A true ring war – you won’t want to miss out on this one!