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Dolf vs Gunnar - Ring Wars 77

Dolf vs Gunnar - Ring Wars 77

$ 25.95

The behemoths Dolf and Gunnar flex in the ring; their tiny trunks struggle to contain their thick, muscular glutes! "About time Thunders finally found someone to match my mass!" says Gunnar. "Yeah, there aren't many guys!" Dolf pec bounces his beefy chest. "Big tree falls hard though! You ready?" asks Gunnar. This big boy battle is on!
Gunnar launches Dolf into the ropes, chokes him, and chops his chest with his MEAT HOOK hands! Dolf screams in pain but recovers lifting Gunnar on his shoulder shaking him up and down. He tosses the beast to the mat and delivers a crippling camel clutch! Gunnar's back is in agony as he struggles to stand. Time for some payback! Gunnar stretches Dolf between the ropes, chops his chest, and applies a chin lock. The muscle stud escapes but is picked up in a massive rear bearhug. Dolf is struggling and collapses. "Come on, get up!" orders Gunnar. He charges in lifting Gunnar in a belly to belly bearhug shaking him up and down. "How good does my butt look right now?" moans Gunnar. Dolf turns his victim, so you get full view of those muscle glutes! He locks in a DRAGON SLEEPER and clubs Gunnar's chest. The beast is winded. Dolf locks in a vicious arm bar. "My arm! You're gonna break it!"
Gunnar stretches out his aching arm to recover. The muscle giants tie up in a game of mercy, each being evenly matched. "Let's see who does a better full nelson?" Gunnar locks in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, "You're so big, I'm gonna cut off that circulation! Ready to go night night?" Dolf is fading fast; the blood rushes from his head. His muscles failing, and he goes to sleep! Gunnar flexes his cannon ball arms adjusting his small trunks, "Man these things are tiny!" He wakes his victim up, "You alive? Your turn, let's see what you got!" Dolf full nelsons Gunnar. The beast drops to his knees gasping for air. "Go to sleep!" He squeezes his powerful pythons tighter as the muscle giant passes out! 
"So those full nelsons were pretty close, how about we do something else?" asks Dolf. The goliaths decide to battle in a push up contest. Their muscles bulging, veins popping, as their thick chests bounce off the canvas. Both are evenly matched in push ups, so they begin a flex off. "I'm so pumped. I can't even flex right now!" says Gunnar. A bearhug battle breaks out with both muscle beasts lifting each other in BACK-BREAKING bearhugs. They grunt, groan, and pour in sweat under the pressure of all that muscle. Neck-breaking full nelsons, rib-crushing bearhugs, crippling sleepers! Which muscle giant will be left standing at the end?