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Dolf Scrappy Thunders Arena  head lock choke sleeper

Dolf vs Scrappy - Battlespace 88

$ 25.95

Part 3 of a 5 part revenge series!!

Dolf versus Scrappy starts off with a bang here in Thunders Arena, as Dolf levels Scrappy with a clothesline right off the bat. Capitalizing on the early advantage, Dolf heaves Scrappy down to the mat with some impressive judo throws and takeovers. With Scrappy down on the mat withering in pain, Dolf grabs ahold of a well defined leg with bad intentions seemingly on his mind. Dolf locked on a brutal mounted leg submission, before wrapping his massive thighs around the defined waist of scrappy for a bodyscissors hold. Locking on a sleeper in addition, he slowly squeezes the air right out of Scrappys body. Ready to unleash more pain, with Scrappy on all fours, Dolf drops his head between his powerful thighs yet again, before scooping Scrappy upside down into a vicious inverted bearhug. From there, Dolf drives his outsized opponent into the canvas, climbing ontop of him to grab an excruciating mounted armlock submission. Seizing an opportunity to even the odds, Scrappy fights back, jumping up onto the massive back of Dolf, struggling to grab a chokehold to bring the big man down. Using his impressive strength and power, Dolf manages to actually pull Scrappy up onto his shoulders into a firemans carry, driving his gigantic shoulders into the midsection before slamming Scrappy violently to the mat below. After another impressive takedown, Dolf takes a moment, kneeling on his opponent and flexing a bulging bicep, before rolling into a painful modified armbar submission. Not satisfied with the level of punishment, Dolf scoops up both legs, tying Scrappy into a pretzel before stopping to pose over his fallen opponent with a breathtaking double bicep flex pose. Looking to up the ante further, Dolf mounts Scrappy for a torturous camel clutch/full nelson combo,cranking on Scrappys spine before transitioning into a brutal bodyscissors, again utilizing his tree trunk like thighs to squeeze the life out of his young opponent. Ever resilient, Scrappy continues to fight back, grabbing a bearhug in an attempt to squeeze a submission from the chiseled torso of Dolf, who reverses the hold into a bearhug of his own, before locking in a devastating full nelson, and dropping Scrappy to the mat in order to flex and show off some more, before grabbing another bodyscissors, this time with a chokehold applied as well. "Look how pathetic you are next to me," the granite hard Dolf exclaims, before locking Scrappy in his brutal signature banana split submission hold, stretching Scrappys groin and legs to the breaking point. It's pure chaos in Thunders Arena!