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Steel hoist Dolf up with a massive double choke lift in Thunders Arena

Dolf vs Steel - Battlespace 89

$ 34.75

Part 2 of a 5 part revenge series!!

Dolf is getting ready for a bodybuilding show and is practicing his posing in the mat room.  As he hits some bicep and chest poses, Steel walks in and starts appraising the muscle stud.  They start comparing biceps with Dolf commenting that his right arm is bigger.  “I wonder why” quips Steel!  Maybe feeling threatened, Steel challenges Dolf.  “You here to wrestle or just to show off?”  The two flex off, bouncing their pecs and cranking out poses at each other!  Lat spreads, most musculars, abs & thighs, biceps – muscle heaven!  Steel is itching to fight!  “You think you’re a better wrestler than me?”  Dolf responds “I don’t think, I know” – it is on!

The two alpha studs lock up and Steel gets the go behind, whipping Dolf to the mat and wrapping his MASSIVE QUADS around Dolf in a body scissor!  Steel is grinning ear to ear as he straightens his legs, crushing Dolf’s rib cage!  Incredibly, Dolf manages to prise the huge legs apart!  Steel is surprised as Dolf whirls around behind Steel, catching him in a body scissor his own!  Steel gasps for breath as he tries to budge Dolf’s big quads!  Dolf senses it’s too early for a submission and releases the hold.  The two men get to their feet and lock up again, both having now had a taste of the other’s power and strength.  Steel works Dolf into a front facelock, cranking up HARD on Dolf’s throat!  Another lock up and Dolf goes low, scooping Steel over his shoulders, ramming his traps and delts into Steel’s midsection before slamming him down!  Dolf follows him down, wrapping him up in a smothering headlock!  Steel powers out, gaining the upper hand (literally!) and going for an arm bar!  Dolf sees what’s coming and resists for as long as he can, but this is one of Steel’s favourite holds and nobody can resist it for long!  Steel pulls back hard, putting immense strain on Dolf’s prized bicep!  He can’t get the full extension though and Dolf manages to escape!  Dolf grabs Steel’s leg, barring it out and torqueing the knee!  Steel’s face is a picture of pain as Dolf adds to the agony with an ankle lock!  Steel is writhing, desperately trying to shove Dolf off.  All the struggling causes Dolf to lose his balance and he crashes to the mat where Steel seizes his chance and mounts his back, flipping them over and catching Dolf in his signature arm bar again!

Dolf’s face screws up as searing pain shoots through his arm!  Steel tells him to just give up, but Dolf refuses!  Dolf miraculously turns INTO the hold, forcing Steel to release!  Dolf shows his own mat prowess by trapping Steel’s arm in a kimura, giving him a taste of his own medicine!  In the ultimate turnabout, Dolf switches it to a straight arm bar – using Steel’s own signature hold against him!  Steel feels the pain, but he is well versed in this hold and escapes, launching himself at Dolf and flexing his massive biceps!  Steel is all over the upstart muscle hunk, choking him with his own arm.  Steel again demands that Dolf taps, but still he refuses!  A judo throw sees Steel on his back with Dolf bearing down on his arm once again – this time he bends it at the elbow and locks it between his big thighs, applying immense pressure!  Steel can do nothing but watch as his bicep bulges, fit to tear!  He has no choice but to tap out!  Dolf takes the first fall!

This war is far from over as Steel comes right back in with a massive bearhug, crushing the breath out of Dolf!  He throws Dolf to the mat and pulls his head between his waiting thighs in a STANDING HEAD SCISSOR!  Dolf is on the verge of tapping, but Steel loses his balance and tumbles to the mat!  He quickly recovers and slaps on another front face lock, again cranking up hard on Dolf’s throat!  Both men’s bodies are slick with sweat as they go to the mats, trading arm locks and leg locks.  These two match each other hold for hold and move for move as they battle not only to win, but to prove ultimate superiority!  This one goes right down to the wire – an ultimate war of grappling skill and tenacity!  An incredible GORILLA PRESS!!  Do yourself a favour and get this match now to see which of these muscle gladiators leaves the mat the victor!