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bodybuilders Dolf and Steel pose and flex their pecs in Thunders Arena

Dolf vs Steel - Ring Wars 29

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

#1 Best Seller January 2017

Thunder’s Superstar Steel is back in the ring, stretching out for his match against newcomer Dolf!  Dolf has already been making waves around the Arena with his winning combination of mat skills and dense, powerful muscle – but the ring is a very different beast to the mat!  Dolf, in tight yellow trunks, also warms up, showing VERY impressive flexibility for someone with that much muscle!  Both men pay particular attention to their legs, stretching and flexing the superhuman quads – beware anybody who gets caught in them! Right away, you know this is going to be a battle of titans!

All pumped up and ready to go, the match is ON!  Pecs collide as the two behemoths jockey for position, trying to knock the other back – but neither budges!  They lock up and struggle, with Steel eventually getting the advantage, going behind Dolf and lifting him up in a rear bearhug!  Dolf tries to pry Steel’s hands apart and escape, but they are locked together fast!  Steel is trying to crush Dolf’s midsection, but Dolf has a brick wall where abs should be – Steel realises he’s not going to win that way and throws Dolf to the canvas!  Steel stalks his prey as Dolf pulls himself up by the ropes, but suddenly he whirls around and locks up again!  An impressive judo throw as Steel suddenly on his back with his arm trapped in an arm lock!  Steel’s face is a mixture of surprise and pain as he tries desperately to get his arm free, his massive bicep bulging with the strain!  Dolf worsens the hold by digging his knee into Steel’s ribs and grabbing his leg to add leverage!  Steel is in agony but refuses to quit!  Dolf releases the hold, perhaps eager to show that he’s every bit as deadly in the ring as he on the mat!  Steel writhes on the canvas, cradling his now weakened arm.  Dolf takes a moment to flex his big guns, giving Steel more time to recover and regroup.  As Steel gets up, Dolf bounces off the ropes, charging into Steel and scooping him up over his shoulder!  Steel is NOT used to being MANHANDLED like this!  Dolf slams Steel down HARD to the canvas!  Dolf follows Steel down, trapping him in a smothering headlock, with Steel’s arm trapped between Dolf’s massive thighs!  As Dolf cranks on the headlock, Steel works his arm loose, grabbing Dolf around the waist and rolling them over!  Steel is about to go for a schoolboy pin, but realises this foe might just be too strong for that, switching instead to a cross body press with a revenge arm bar of his own thrown in!  Showing off his mat skills, Steel uses his leg to pin Dolf’s other arm down – trapped with nowhere to go!  Steel switches up to a straight arm bar, his big legs across the face of Dolf as he pulls back with all his might on Dolf’s arm!  Steel’s huge pecs and shoulders bulge as he strains to pull Dolf’s arm from his body!  Dolf’s bicep looks like it’s ready to tear, but he manages to roll out of the hold, getting behind Steel in the process and locking on another brutal arm lock!  Luckily for Steel, Dolf’s balance is off and Steel is able to topple him and escape the hold!

Steel is first back up, wrapping his arm around Dolf’s neck in a headlock, his meaty forearm pressed tight against Dolf’s throat!  Dolf responds by sweeping Steel’s legs out from under him, bringing the muscle stud crashing down to the canvas!  Dolf drags Steel up into a waiting front face lock, Steel’s arms waving frantically as he struggles to get out!  Steel eventually powers out, taking Dolf down and slapping on his now signature STANDING HEADSCISSORS!  Every muscle on Steel’s body stands out in stark relief as he crushes Dolf with everything he has!  But it’s still not enough as Dolf holds out!  “You done yet?” Steel asks – but Steel’s gonna have to do a lot more than that to beat this powerhouse of a wrestler!  This match is a long, long way from done as both men unleash their full arsenal on each other – leg locks, bearhugs, corner work, chokes, knee lifts, chicken wings, rope chokes, suplexes, the works!  A truly titanic battle between two of our best and most evenly matched wrestlers - an absolute barnstormer or a battle and a MUST-OWN MATCH!