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Dom9 vs Ashton89 - Custom Video Series 125

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Dom9 and Ashton89 are flexing poolside when Ashton89 asks Dom9 how he looks. This leads to Dom9 trying to explain to Ashton89 that he is too small and needs to train harder and eat more. After comparing each muscle and feeling each other up a bit, Dom9 decides to show Ashton89 what real power is. He grabs Ashton89 in a tight bearhug, squeezing until Ashton89 begins to weaken and admit that Dom9 is as strong as he says he is. He then throws Ashton89 over his shoulder and flexes his pumped up muscles carrying his opponent while getting a good feel on Ashton89's defined glutes and hamstrings. After a break where Ashton89 tells Dom9 he will get tired and then lose the match, Dom9 grabs him in another back-breaking bearhug and pushes him against the wall trying to pop the ribs of Ashton89. After another bearhug is applied, Ashton89 takes the opportunity to read Dom9's tattoos on his chiseled pecs. THE BEARHUGS GET SWEATY POOLSIDE, as Dom9 doesn't get tired and Ashton89 refuses to give in. Dom9's aggression continues as he pushes Ashton89 against the wall and continues to try and squeeze the life from him. When Ashton89 refuses to give up, Dom9 resorts to a move that will surprise even the most diehard Thunders Arena fans. He warns Ashton89 to admit he is stronger or he will BITE HIS NIPPLE. After Ashton89 refuses, he does exactly that and really bites his nipple! (This was very real!). A Solid slap tears Dom9's teeth away from Ashton89's nipple and the two sweaty muscle studs continue to go at it. After another bearhug trying to break Ashton89's back, Dom9 attempts another tactic by inverting the bearhug and slamming Ashton89 against the walls and posts poolside. Dom9 then makes Ashton89 wipe off his sweat with a towel. Ashton89 thinks the match is done and tries to leave until Dom9 uses the sweaty towel as a weapon choking and lifting Ashton89 into a vicious torture rack. A unique ending leads to another room and a never before seen action that you don't want to miss!