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Dom9 vs Blayne - Custom Video Series 96

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Bulging biceps, chiseled chests, and agonizing stretches...get ready for round #2 in this 30 minute battle of the full nelsons! "What the f*** are you doing? You know we were scheduled for me to beat your a** again like last time!" PISSED OFF, Dom9 finds the vet on the mat working out doing push ups. "Again? I'm not going back into a full nelson, can we do anything other than that please!" begs Blayne. The muscle beast revels in his prey's fear rubbing his newly shaven pecs, "I see you have a fresh chest like a little girl!" "Little girl?" Blayne BARRELS in trying to lift the giant's tree-trunk quad for a takedown, but he is too strong retaliating with a tight full nelson, "Have you been working your chest a little bit? I can feel it; it's a little stronger. Make me work a bit harder than last time!" taunts the behemoth as his victim moans in pain STRAINING to break free. "You're funny Dom9, bulls**t name, why did you have to show up?" Blayne finally escapes as both muscle hunks flex and compare their ripped chests. With the beast distracted, the sneaky vet whips around for a full nelson, but Dom9 easily powers out SQUEEZING him harder than before. "Ahh its f***ing tight! You're pulling that pec you piece of s**t!" screams the vet. "If I wanted your pec, I'd f***ing rip it!" threatens the behemoth as Blayne narrowly pries apart his meathook hands to escape completely gassed, "Can we do anything but full nelson? It's hurting my shoulders!" A devious grin sweeps across Dom9's face, "Why? It's basically become my signature by now!" "It's all you know how to do!" Struggling in pain, Blayne takes a knee as the ruthless behemoth drags him to the mat for a full nelson/scissor combo, "You're trapped now!" Bone-cracking sounds fill the arena as the beast's quads of steel PULVERIZE the vet's ribs. "You're in deep; I know!" groans Blayne; his chiseled frame STRETCHED tight on the bed of beefy muscle. His body nearly broken, Dom9 rolls his motionless victim to his face letting him go. "No more full nelsons please!" Towering over his tiny prey, the behemoth shows no mercy and grabs Blayne's fingers BENDING them backward and forces him to his feet for another full nelson. "You almost broke my fingers!" screams the vet; his cries only fuel the muscle beast's power. "All the airs up here, can you breathe?" taunts Dom9. "I can't feel my hands!" The vet finally flexes out as he's taken to his knees for a RIB-CRACKING belly to back bearhug. "This is my match; I do what I want! Flex that chest!" orders the burly beast while Blayne struggles for air then is wrapped up in a powerful full nelson. "As painful as this is, I'm not gonna quit!" "I think I'm gonna find out!" An INTENSE struggle breaks out as the vet is forced up and down in the torturous hold while he fights to break free. "It's so tight!" groans Blayne as Dom9 lays back on the mat pinning his victim tight to his beefy frame. "I'm tired of this!" Frustrated with his weak competition, the behemoth releases and rises to his feet. "I'm gonna tell you how the second half of the match is gonna go; I'm gonna win!" promises Blayne. "Think so?" The liteweight tries getting up but is kicked back down as Dom9 DRIVES his foot deep into his chest. His rib cage nearly caves in while he screams in agony, "My precious chest, you've been stretching out! "Trying to get some blood flow in there for a good pump!" Barely on his knees, Blayne fires back, "You do that with push ups!" The devious Dom9 toys with his victim ordering him to do push ups, but his damaged arms shake unable to lift himself. "Are you on your knees?" A brutal ELBOW DROP sends the vet crashing to the mat and yanked up for another neck-breaking full nelson and half nelson/hammerlock combo! "Stretch me out Dom Daddy!" moans a delirious Blayne barely standing. "What? This is Thunders!" yells the angry behemoth releasing his hold pushing the vet away. "Dom9 my bad, this is my Thunders!" Charging in, Blayne wraps the confused beast in a tight full nelson, but he flexes out trapping his arms between his gorilla size chest and bulging biceps. Desperate to escape, the vet CLAWS his captor's beefy pecs sending him over the edge, "Get them f***ing hands off me!" Letting go, the mountain of muscle locks on a vicious full nelson SHOVING Blayne face's face into the wall as he screams, "I can't lift my shoulders anymore, please no more!" Dom9 tosses him away ready to unleash a world of pain on the struggling vet: vicious kicks, double pec claw, tight full nelsons, SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors, "I don't think you remember the last time. I cut all the circulation off in your brain; I'm gonna make you give up!"