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bear hug

Dom9 vs Brazil - Water Wars 7

$ 34.75

Sun's out, guns out, prepare to get wet as Water Wars is back! "I'm so hot! This is my place: the pool, the underwear looks good, flexing!" declares new rookie Brazil. Dom9 is not impressed, "I dominate everything around here! This ain't the pool; this is Thunders Arena!" The behemoths flex their mountains of muscle glistening under the bright sun. "Kinda puffy, you got legs though, these beef legs. You need to get more shredded!" mocks Brazil. "Puffy? You look off-season. I just look good!" Dom9 KICKS the arrogant newb in the water; this battle is on! The beasts tie up as the vet headlocks his victim holding him under the water. "You gonna kill me or what? You're crazy!" Brazil charges in WRENCHING the vet's arm in a vicious hammerlock forcing him to his knees as he struggles for air! The camera follows all the action below the water, so you won't miss one torturous second. "I belong here!" flexes Brazil. Dom9 continues his assault wrapping his powerful pythons around the newb in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson as he screams in pain, "It hurts bro, let me go, my shoulders!" The devious vet transitions to half nelson/hammerlock combo holding the newb underwater as he gasps for air finally escaping with a brutal dirty trick! Dom9 screams in agony sinking to the bottom of the pool, barely emerging before Brazil CHOKELIFTS him out of the water and slams him down! "New guy comes in here thinking he's the s**t!" The muscle beast sees red and charges in lifting the rookie in a massive shoulder carry before launching him into the water. "My ribs! I come here for vacation; you're ruining my life right now!" groans Brazil. Both behemoths COLLIDE like freight trains in a brutal belly to belly bearhug each squeezing as hard as they can for control! Dom9 breaks away first delivering a vicious kick to the ribs. Brazil struggles to the pool's edge clutching his aching side. "There's no rest today!" The vet UNLEASHES his power: a tight full nelson, crushing rear bearhug, a brutal sleeper dunking him in and out of the water squeezing the air from his lungs! "I can't breathe!" Rather than put him away for good, Dom9 drags his opponent to the deep end barreling in like a torpedo with a HEADBUTT to the ribs! "Get away!" Panic sweeps across Brazil's face as he feverishly tries getting to shallow water but is dragged into a crushing rear bearhug! Incredibly, the South American muscle hulk flexes out delivering an over-the-shoulder takedown and full nelsons Dom9 holding him under the water for payback! The torture doesn't last long as he overpowers the rookie, wraps his powerful python around his throat dragging him to the steps. "Your arms are so big! You're hurting me!" gasps Brazil fighting to stay conscious. With his victim temporarily stunned, Dom9 releases stands on the step, and delivers a massive elbow drop sending him deep into the water! The brutal battle continues as back and forth RIB-SHATTERING belly to belly bearhugs lead to some of the dirtiest tricks you have ever seen in and out of the pool! Dom9 decides to teach the rookie a lesson wrapping him up in a powerful sleeper/scissor combo; his beefy biceps and tree trunk quads squeeze until the 210 pounder goes limp in the embrace and passes out in the water! You think the war is over, but it only continues. Brazil wakes up and tries escaping the pool, "He almost killed me! I'm tired; my whole body is sore!" Dom9 isn't about to let him throw in the towel. A massive SPEAR has both muscle hunks crashing back into the water leading up to a devastating finish! "I don't come here to have a good time. I come here to beat people's a**!"