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Dom9 vs Brody- No Holds Barred 244

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

When Dom finds new guy Brody sitting on the couch he decides he wants to see what the new guy has! Dom sees Brody is getting into the wrestling and getting turned on so he snatches him up in a chest to chest bearhug and carries him to the wrestling mat. Dom drops Brody with a loud thud and the intensity cranks up even a notch higher! Dom steps over Brody and flexes, but Brody is not down for the count. He gets up and engulfs Dom in a Bearhug of his own!

The sexual tension is high watching Dom and Brody on the mat! Both men are giving it their all and exhaustion sets in, but Dom and Brody have no plans to quit yet! Dom controls the match overpowering Brody and adding in his signature muscle worship domination, while Brody is biding his time and waiting for his chance to strike and enjoying the muscle worship!

[The highlight of this match is the Bearhugs! The intensity in Dom and Brody's eyes as they work to wear each other down is spectacular!]

In a surprise turn, Brody locks in a DEEP front leg scissors and Dom starts to go out! When Dom goes out, Brody takes his chance and takes advantage of Dom's unconscious body. Be prepared for INTENSE MUSCLE WORSHIP! 

For fans that like when Thunders pushes the limits of No Holds Barred this match is a MUST-SEE! This ending will have you begging for more and more! Download Today!