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Dom9 vs Bronco - Battlespace 155

$ 25.95
$ 31.59


Bronco SLAMS into the front door sending Dom9 flying across the room! "LET'S WORK!" Dom pushes Bronco sprawling into the couch and the match is on! Dom sits on Bronco's chest and rips off his shirt. Bronco flings Dom back over the couch tipping both men and the couch falling over! The action is non stop in a gritty make shift match on the living room floor! Both Dom and Bronco can't get their hands off each other! Bronco pulls Dom off the floor into a chest to chest bearhug and carries him to the mat room for the real action!

 Bronco throws Dom on the mat with force and jumps on him! Slamming all 240 lbs of muscle on top of Dom, Bronco has him pinned on the mat. Bronco doesn't stay on the mat long and lifts Dom up in a choke lift against the wall! [Filming had to stop and make sure Bronco didn't put Dom THROUGH the wall!)

Both Bronco and Dom have regrouped and Dom makes Bronco sit down for a steamy muscle worship session! This, however, is a ruse to get Bronco in a rear naked choke! When Bronco slowly passes out Dom takes the chance to engulf him in a brutal bearhug and carry him to another room! But Bronco wakes up ANGRY! He takes control and Dom is carried to another room by Bronco!

Watch to the very end for a special recap from both Dom9 and Bronco!