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Dom Knight puts Cash into a body scissors at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Dom9 vs Cash - Battlespace 138

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Veins popping, biceps straining, the match begins mid-action with two titans locked up, fighting for control! Dom9 strikes FLIPPING his victim on his back and wraps him up in a tight headlock. "Got a strap for me to hold on to?" mocks Cash struggling to escape as the muscle beast mounts his chest pinning his arms with his knees. A surge of strength has the chiseled hunk breaking away laying on top of the beefy monster struggling to keep him down, "Don't fight it!" Full of rage, the master of pain rolls his prey over for a RIB-CRACKING body scissors, "F***ing weak!" Gasping for air, Cash is engulfed in mounds of beefy muscle with a scissor/sleeper combo. "There we go, just end this one early; put you to sleep!" threatens Dom9. "Never!" The shredded vet breaks out rolling the dominant beast to his belly and lifts his legs forcing him to crawl around the mat, "Got your leash on for me? Walk you like a dog!" Mounting his burly back, Cash YANKS his harness dragging him into a scissor/sleeper combo with his quads of steel, "Choke you the same f***ing way!" A power struggle ensues as the chiseled hunk mounts Dom9's chest in reverse; his beefy glutes inches from his face, "Where you going now huh?" His blood BOILING, the master of pain swings his legs over trapping the arrogant vet in a grueling leg stretch. Screaming in pain, Cash breaks free with a vicious dirty trick and STRETCHES the burly beast across his ripped chest as he moans in agony, "F***ing cheap shot!" Hungry for revenge, the leather-strapped hulk overpowers his captor, hoists him in the air, and DROPS him on his head nearly knocking him out coughing just to catch his breath! "Stay down!" orders the master of pain delivering a grueling bow & arrow and double forearm blows to the abs and back! Incredibly, Cash summons enough strength to tackle the burly beast but gets caught in a crushing front facing head scissors; his face BURIED deep in the behemoth's tree trunk quads, "Oh yeah, that's it right there!" The camera zooms in; his face turns red from the intense pressure as he claws at his captor's beefy abs and legs, "Think you can dominate me?" "Get your f***ing hands off me!" orders the master of pain. Desperate to get away, Cash nearly RIPS OFF Dom9's trunks and clamps on a vicious dirty trick, "Stay down!" Howling in agony, the leather-bound beast's abs are POUNDED with brutal forearms leaving him laid out on his back. Quickly, Cash mounts his beefy pecs flexing his shredded frame and buries Dom's face in his quads of steel in revenge. "Don't fight it; you like that pin! Sit here and relax a second, take a little breather!" Barely conscious, the dominant hulk is let go as Cash rises to his feet pulling his legs apart and threatens to STOMP his groin, "Who's the f***ing boss now!" Inching closer and closer, Dom9 powers out slamming the chiseled hunk on his face for a BACK-BREAKING Boston crab. "You're lucky I'm so sweaty, can't move me around that easy!" groans Cash. "Crank this in more! F***ing tap, give up!" Screaming in pain, the vet refuses to submit only fueling the beast's wrath dragging his prey over his knee for double forearms to the abs. "Had enough? I didn't say move; stay down!" orders the master of pain, but Cash picks him up in a shoulder carry SLAMMING his beefy abs on his shredded shoulder, "Who's the f***ing boss now huh?" Mid-air, Dom9 wraps his powerful python around the vet in a guillotine choke dragging him back down as he nearly passes out. "You had enough?" taunts the beast GRINDING his face into the mat with his meaty forearm. "I'm gonna get up and kick your f***ing a**!" threatens Cash flipping Dom9 over, mounting his chest in reverse for a grueling leg stretch, "You must love them cheeks huh?" Pinned tight, the shredded hunk SLAPS his victim's quads, until Dom9 bends him over, "Get that f***ing face in the mat!" The brutal fight continues: forearm blows to the abs, pec claw, belly to back bearhug, dirty tricks, leg sleeper, a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors! "Ahh f***, these big a** tree trunks!" groans Cash barely escaping with a dirty trick as he pins Dom9 tight to his chest SMACKING his beefy glutes over and over, "Who's getting dominated?" "Smack my f***ing a**!?!" Exploding in a fit of rage, Dom9 breaks free as ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!