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Dom9 vs Davin - No Holds Barred 215

$ 31.25


Davin is laid out on the mat after a long day of wrestling and Dom9 takes full advantage to feel every muscle of the massive bodybuilder. Dom mounts the 320 pound Davin and digs his meathook hands into his muscles. Davin says he is done wrestling for the day, but Dom sets out on a mission to get him worked up enough to take him on! Dom grinds into Davin and squeezes his muscles over and over. Davin starts to enjoy the action more and more flexing his muscles for Dom and allowing him to feel his muscles get pumped up. Davin loosens up and turns the tables on Dom flipping him over grabbing handfuls of Dom's muscles now! The two bodybuilders lock up and Dom gets the advantage locking Davin up in a full nelson. Davin fights out and flips Dom clear over his back. But Dom isn't done and locks in a tight side headlock before twisting Davin over back into a schoolboy pin. Dom then decides to fight dirty throwing in a ball claw. Davin doesn't appreciate that and lifts Dom upside down! The fight for positioning begins as Davin lands on top of Dom using his bodyweight to pin him down. When Dom gets an idea, Davin allows him up and Dom locks in a TIGHT chest to chest bearhug lifting the 320 pound Davin into the air and carrying him off to another room! WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN THIS OTHER ROOM?!