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Dom9 vs Destroyer - Bodybuilder Battles 121

$ 25.95

New big vs little match.  A 250lbs muscle monster is on the WARPATH; heads are gonna roll! "Where is my phone?" The Destroyer towers over a confused Dom9 who is watching tv. "I don't know what you're talking about!" "When I'm back; you better have my phone!" The muscle giant heads to the living room to search as Dom9 follows behind, "I don't have it. You're coming off real aggressive, and it's pissing me off!" The Destroyer sees red lifting Dom9 in back to back RIB-CRUSHING bearhugs, "You took it! Don't lie to me!" The muscle hunk gasps for air powerless to escape and is thrown across the room nearly hitting a coffee table. He struggles to his feet grabbing a container of wrestling gear and SLAMS it straight into the giant's skull! The Destroyer is seeing stars as Dom9 jumps on his hulking back dropping him to his knees in a tight sleeper! "Say phone one more time!" A power struggle begins as Dom9 fights to keep the big man down, but it doesn't last long as he's flipped back first onto the couch! "You steal my phone? You wanna take me!" Dom9 BARRELS in like a linebacker trying to take the beast out but is met with a vicious club to the back! The Destroyer locks in a crippling camel clutch pounding his victim's juicy chest as he groans in pain and crumbles to the floor. "Where is my phone?" Dom9 recovers and SHOULDER TACKLES the giant to the couch using his quads of steel for a vicious head scissors! "Big tough guy!" The behemoth struggles but breaks away delivering a head scissors of his own, "Who's the tough guy?" Dom9 is in trouble as the giant's sequoia size quads SQUEEZE tighter and tighter! His thick muscular frame begins to slump as The Destroyer transitions wrapping his powerful python around Dom9's throat, "Go to sleep, maybe you'll remember then!" With his victim passed out, the search continues but turns up empty. An even angrier giant CLUBS Dom9 awake to continue his torture and interrogation. He picks up Dom9 in a massive belly to belly bearhug and THROWS him into the couch so hard, the couch flips over! Incredibly, Dom9 flips it back over using it as a human catapult and takes the big man down. Time for some payback! Dom9 UNLOADS with forearm after forearm to the giant's gorilla size chest then picks up the 250 pounder in a massive fireman's carry parading him around the room. The Destroyer is gassed and tossed to the floor where Dom9 continues with an arm bar and brutal scissor/sleeper combination! "I know you have it!" moans the beast as he fights to stay conscious. Somehow, the giant escapes again, and the back and forth action heats up: head scissors, ab claws, sleepers, chokelift, a skull-crushing VISE GRIP, and brutal low blow! Will The Destroyer get his phone back, or will Dom9 escape with his secret? This brutal living room battle will have you guessing to the end!