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Dom9 vs Duke - 4K08

$ 25.95

Domination, muscle worship, dirty tricks...things get hot & heavy in this battle for the top! Dom9 offers to show Duke some moves he can do without hurting his swollen ankle. The wrestlers tie-up as Duke surprises Dom9 with a hip toss and mounts Dom9's chest pinning him down. "Why would I let you teach me?" mocks Duke flexing his bulging biceps. "This ain't a flex-off; this is wrestling!" groans an angry Dom9 flipping Duke over on the mat. Dom9 takes control and muscle worships Duke's beefy pecs, chiseled abs, and thick quads before mounting Duke's chest for a torturous leg stretch. "Show you a little domination!" threatens Dom9 as Duke groans in pain escaping with a ball claw. Hungry for payback, Duke tries breaking Dom9 apart with a brutal groin stretch as he screams in agony and is let go. "You got some pretty big thighs!" admires Duke. A steamy round of muscle worship has both wrestlers pinned tight, exploring each other's rock-hard bodies. Duke breaks away first with a grueling sit-down Boston crab then lifts Dom9 in an upside-down belly to belly bearhug.  Duke piledrives Dom9 skull into the ground nearly knocking him out! Dom9 wraps his tree-trunk quads around Duke, held upside down by his neck in a skull-splitting head scissors collapses Duke to the mat. The blood rushing from his brain, Duke whence in pain as Dom9 squeezes his quads tighter and tighter. Duke barely escapes in the battle for the top. A scissors/sleeper combo, ball claws, arm and leg stretches, tight cradles, claws to the ass, and intense muscle worship has Duke and Dom9 up close and personal for a mouth-watering finish!