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Dom9 vs Duke - No Hold Barred 199

$ 34.75

Dom9 challenges Duke to a "Bitch for a day" match.

Duke and Dom started the match off camera and the terms had been decided whoever wins the match gets to make the other his bitch for the day! 

When Mr. Mike heard this challenge he ran to go grab the camera, by the time he got everything filming Dom9 was sitting and flexing in a chair! Duke was completely passed out, Mr Mike never saw how or why. Then Dom drops down into a schoolboy pin on top of Duke and wakes up his startled victim. Duke fights back throwing Dom to the side, but Dom is not releasing Duke's face from his massive thighs. Eventually Duke fights out and attempts to get the advantage over Dom, but every time he gets close Dom grabs a handful of Duke with a dirty trick until he lets him go. The one sided match displays the sculpted glutes and abs of both men. Dom does not fight clean and uses every low blow dirty trick in the book. While Duke fights to not let his opponent have his way with him.