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Dom9 vs Eagle - No Hold Barred 196

$ 32.95

#1 Best Seller April 2021

Fun Fact: Eagle and Dom9 have never wrestled each other before in the entire 3, almost 4, years they have both worked with Thunders. The two Thunders stars bump in to each other trying to get into the mat room. "Too much muscle for one door." Both guys confront each other why they haven't had the chance to do a match and how it's about time it happens. Eagle tells Dom9 he is glad he could finally become popular enough to wrestle him. A front headlock by Dom9 starts the action and he starts to measure Eagle's strength before muffling his face into his inner thigh. After being humiliated, Eagle decides to return the favor pushing Dom9's face right between his legs, telling him "get in there!" Dom9 decides being nice is over and wants to dominate Eagle, however Eagle decides it isn't time for that and throws Dom9 over his shoulder and on the mat before locking in a DEEP boston crap lock. A slap on the ass wakes up Dom9 and the dirty tricks begin. An excited Dom9 slaps Eagle back and pulls him down before grabbing a handful with a dirty trick. Dom9 really starts to get into the muscle worship wrestling before he remembers he has a job to do and gets back to work. But, Eagle had time to catch his breath and surprises Dom9 with a few moves of his own (while throwing in some grabs on the pecs and legs). The wrestling stays on the mat with both muscle studs locked in an even battle of wrestling and muscle worship. The action moves up when Eagle locks in a very rarely seen front facing step over standing head scissors. Dropped to the mat, Dom9 is stuck fighting for air in between Eagles defined thighs. A long fight to escape leads Dom9 to stretching out Eagle's legs before grabbing another handful of a dirty trick making Eagle yell out that he is the star of Thunders Arena. The two roll over each other while fighting for position on the mat, which leads to humiliating pushups on Eagle's face and a gut punching scene that makes even the most hardcore muscle fan blush. Another round of flexing leads to one wrestler locked in a tight sleeper hold that he cannot escape, finding himself slowly passed out and at the mercy of the other. After deciding what he wants to do with him, the winner carries the passed out victim into a dark bedroom leaving everyone wondering...what happened next?