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Dom9 vs Falcon - No Holds Barred 220

$ 25.95

Dom9 throws Falcon on mat and rips off his grey sweatpants! Dom is not going to take Falcon showing up late and disrespecting his time! Dom uses Falcon's pants as a weapon wrapping them around his neck and choking the rookie! Dom throws Falcon around the mat making an example of him! Falcon begs for forgiveness while Dom painfully stretches him out on the mat. Dom starts to throw in some dirty moves and pisses Falcon off! Falcon wraps up Dom's face between his shredded quads. Dom begins pulling off Falcon's trunks to make him let go! How far will Falcon let Dom pull them off?

Falcon starts to get angrier which makes Dom want to push him even further! Falcon nails Dom with a BRUTAL gut punch to escape from a body scissors! He traps Dom back up in a head scissors squeezing with all his power! Dom powerfully stands on this feet with Falcon still holding on and POWER BOMBS him! Falcon is laid out on the mat and Dom flexes up close and personal with the camera. Falcon slowly gets up launching himself into Dom! He pins Dom down grinding into him to keep him on the mat. When Falcon gets in a DEEP sleeper Dom begins passing out slowly. Will Falcon be able to put Dom to sleep?

The action starts back up with Dom forcing Falcon to worship his sweat soaked muscles. Falcon refuses the forced muscle worship session and Dom decides if he wants to wrestle then they will wrestle! Falcon is going to regret that decision...