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body scissors

Dom9 vs Fang - Mat Rats 118

$ 31.25

 "Who do you think you are?" yells Fang setting his eyes on his next victim. A confused Dom9 answers, "I've never even met you. You're coming at me kind of aggressive. I don't appreciate that." Without any explanation, Fang attacks the muscle beast lifting him in a quick rear bearhug, full nelson, then brutal ankle lock! Dom9 is taken by complete surprise struggling with the FEROCIOUS level of his opponent. "Get up! I'm just getting started." Dom9 recovers battling back with a takedown of his own and hammerlocks the wild vet, "Stay down! You having fun now?" "Better enjoy it while it lasts!" Fang escapes mounting the muscle beast's thick back and YANKS back on his powerful pythons driving his face into the mat. Incredibly, Dom9 stands up with Fang hanging on his back and LAUNCHES him across the room! A back and forth power struggle breaks out with arm bars and body scissors. "You're kind of strong, but you don't have any muscles!" taunts Dom9 as his powerful quads have Fang completely gassed needing a time out! "You done with your break? We're barely even going!" Fang returns to the mat and wants revenge: a shoulder carry, bodyslam, and brutal dirty trick! Dom9 can barely move as the devious stud mounts his abs POUNDING his beefy chest with forearm after forearm then locks in another crippling leg lock! "You're gonna need some crutches when Fang gets done with you!" Dom9 recovers and is about to show this lightweight what true power feels like lifting Fang onto his boulder shoulder with one arm and carrying him around like a child! The muscle beast transitions to a RIB-CRUSHING rear bearhug squeezing the air from his lungs then drops him down into a Boston crab so intense Fang taps out from the pain! "You seem a little tired!" Dom9 is relentless giving the vet no break and wraps his tree trunk quads around Fang in vicious head and body scissors! "Let me get this in a little bit tighter!" The muscle stud strains and strains and finally escapes the viselike grip of Dom9's quads. "They don't call me Fang for nothing!" The winded vet struggles to his feet and leaps in the air with a FLYING TACKLE: arm bar, ankle locks, ab claws, gut punches. Dom9's hulking muscles are feeling the pain as he struggles to breathe under the brutal beating, but he doesn't quit. Both muscle hunks exchange multiple BODYSLAMS trying to tear each other apart! Dom9 is first to break away and picks up Fang across his burly chest curling him with ease then slams him to the mat! Fang is laid out gasping for air as the 190 pounder sits on his chest SANDWICHING his head between his quads of steel. "You can't huff and puff now can you?" taunts Dom9. "Those are some thunder thighs, but I'm gonna blow you down!" Fang escapes with a dirty trick, and the brutal battle continues: bearhugs, full nelson, crippling camel clutch, a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! "Game over!"