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Dom9 vs Flaco - Mat Rats 125

$ 34.75

Respect the mat or pay the price! Dom9 finds Flaco doing handstands on his mat and decides to teach him a painful lesson. "This is wrestling; this ain't gymnastics!" yells Dom9 wrapping Flaco in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson shaking him as he groans in pain. Flaco is let go and tries picking up the 195lbs Dom9 for a takedown, but he doesn't move. Angry, Dom9 drags his tiny victim around the mat in a viselike headlock as he gasps for air crumbling down. Barely on his feet, Flaco is lifted in a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug and slammed to the ground for a grueling Boston crab! Clawing the mat in pain, the arrogant Flaco continues running his mouth and is yanked to his knees in a powerful sleeper. "Go ahead talk some more!" taunts Dom9; his bulging bicep SQUEEZING tighter and tighter. Nearly passing out, Flaco is let go and pulled tight into a crushing body scissors. "These quads are so big!" screams Flaco as Dom9 slaps his thighs over and over DIGGING in deeper. The air rushing from his lungs, Flaco is released barely able to stand. Dom9 peels down his singlet exposing his beefy pecs and chiseled abs as Flaco tries for a takedown but can't connect. The trash talk continues sending Dom9 over the edge using the 130lbs Flaco for bicep curls then delivers a tight rear bearhug, GUILLOTINE CHOKE, and grueling over-the-knee back breaker! Screaming in pain, Flaco collapses as Dom Knight flexes in victory, "They need two of you to fight me!" Hungry for revenge, Flaco tries to CLOTHESLINE Dom9 again and again but can't penetrate the rock-hard wall of muscle falling to the mat. Dom9 sits down giving Flaco a free shot and is pulled into a surprising scissor/sleeper combo. Struggling to escape, Dom9 is let go and lifts Flaco in a torture rack SHAKING him around. Struggling to breathe, Flaco collapses but soon recovers surprising Dom9 with a tight full nelson SLAMMING him on his face. Dazed, Dom9 is rolled in another scissor/sleeper combo and Boston crab. "Let's see how flexible you are!" taunts Flaco as Dom9 groans in pain. Back on their feet, a mercy challenge has the winded Dom9 crumbling to his knees DRAGGED around in a guillotine choke. "That's what happens with big muscles; you get tired quick. I'm ready now!" threatens Flaco. A massive clothesline, scissor/sleeper combo, gut punches, and vicious choke-lifts leaves the 195lbs Dom9 passed out on the mat! Flaco tries for a pin, but Dom9 recovers and kicks out angrier than ever! A fight to the finish has Dom9 and Flaco battling for control in tight sleepers, grueling leg lock, fireman's carry, armbar, and gut punches. Tap out or pass out...who will be left standing?