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Iceman18 puts Dom9 into a sleeper at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Dom9 vs Iceman - No Holds Barred 154

$ 25.95

Dripping sweat, straining muscles, and loads of dirty tricks...it's gonna be a BRUTAL day at the office! Iceman18 and Dom9 circle each other on the mat trash talking each other's names, tattoos, even wrestling gear! "Blonde hair, blue eyes, your lite skin is the most fair of anybody. You're like a real Disney princess!" laughs Dom9. "Prettier than you, that's right!" Iceman18 runs his hands through his golden locks. "Pretty doesn't get you far in wrestling!" "Pretty and good will get you far, and I'm both!" The muscle hunks tie up as Dom9 lifts Iceman18 in a quick rear bearhug then takes him down in tight headlock. Both titans struggle on the mat for control as Iceman18 swings his legs up scissoring Dom9's head and arm as he struggles to break out. "How you like that?" "Ok, Iceman's got a little fight!" A back and forth bearhug battle breaks out with both gladiators SQUEEZING each other as hard as they can. Iceman18 escapes first and BULLDOGS the muscle beast face first to the mat keeping his headlock on tight, "You trying to tap out?" "Nope!" Dom9 escapes and introduces Iceman18 to his quads of steel with a vicious head scissors. The blonde muscle hunk is struggling and is dropped into an over the knee back breaker! "I kind of feel like cheating a little bit!" The devious Dom9 delivers a brutal dirty trick then STOMPS on his victim's groin! "Cheater!" screams Iceman18 howling in pain. "You ain't cheating; you ain't trying!" A gentleman's handshake to stop future cheating is quickly broken up as Iceman18 wants revenge! A FOOTBALL KICK to the groin, dirty tricks, and massive gut punches have Dom9 writhing in pain barely able to move, "I see how this is gonna go!" With his muscles weakened, Iceman18 lifts the 190 pounder in a vicious TORTURE RACK and slams him to the mat. The brutal back and forth battle continues: ab stretch, shoulder carries, ab claws, hammerlocks, snapmare takedown, and crushing head scissors! A passed out pile of muscle is not good enough for the winner, as he delivers a massive BODYSPLASH to the unconscious loser, "Don't you ever talk to me like that again!   Dripping sweat, straining muscles, and loads of dirty tricks... a BRUTAL day at the office!