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Dom9 vs Iceman18 - Custom Video Series 138

$ 31.25

Iceman18 and Dom9 are having a playful argument when out of nowhere Dom decides to pull out a dirty trick with a ball claw and starts a poolside fight! The two Thunders arena stars take it to the mat that is partly hanging inside the pool. When Iceman gets the upper-hand he takes Dom over and methodically attempts to drown him dunking his head under the water several times! That pisses Dom off and he low blows Iceman and turns the tables using every way he can to try and dump Iceman in the pool. The fight is intense and borders between an angry drowning match and hot muscle worship session. That is until Dom flips Iceman into the pool and has had enough and wants to take it to the mat! Both muscle studs meet in the mat room and Dom reveals that he is making this a THONG MATCH. This obviously leads to a conversation and comparison of who has the better glutes. Dom is not having the small talk and pushes Iceman against the wall and grabs a mean ball claw! Dom immediately takes control stretching Iceman out, but Iceman counters flipping Dom over and using a ball claw of his own to punish his opponent. An intense battle continues with both men using intense holds and dirty tricks to gain an advantage. An suspenseful moment happens when both men stand off and rush each other locking in two smothering chest to chest bearhugs. Neither bodybuilder will back down and a collision leads to both guys laid out on top of each other in exhaustion after a double clothesline! After a short truce and some sweaty muscle worship, the action kicks back up and Dom locks Iceman into a TIGHT side headlock. Iceman uses his brute strength to lift Dom up before dropping him to the mat. A power struggle on the mat leads back to a fake truce conversation. Who will break the truce to win the match?