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Dom9 vs Iceman18 Pt. 2 - No Holds Barred 184

$ 25.95

Extreme No Holds Barred is back, and round #2 gets even HOTTER! With no referee to get in the way, Dom9 and Iceman18 decide to settle the score of who is more dominant. Tying up, both wrestlers worship each other's thick muscle as double dirty tricks drop them to their knees groaning in pain. Fighting for control, Dom9 and Iceman18 roll on the mat pinning each other down as the muscle worship continues. On his back, Dom9 is nearly FOLDED in half but uses his powerful legs to kick Iceman18 away as the double dirty tricks begin again. Breathing hard and heavy, both wrestlers struggle to get up from the intense fight. First to his feet, Iceman18 rolls Dom9 into a CRIPPLING camel clutch pulling down his singlet; Dom9's beefy pecs are stretched to their limit as he is slammed on his face. Barely moving, Dom9 tries to stand as Iceman18 HAMMERS away his chiseled back with brutal forearm blows. His victim laid out, Iceman18 mounts Dom9's chest, pec bouncing and flexing his rock-hard muscle as the muscle worship intensifies. An agonizing cradle sends Dom9 into a rage taking Iceman18 down with a dirty trick. Struggling to breathe, Iceman18 is folded over; his legs STRETCHED out farther and farther as he screams in agony! His blood boiling, Iceman18 breaks away wrapping his quads around Dom9 and FLIPS him onto his back; the muscle worship getting down and dirty. The dominant Iceman18 unleashes his power on Dom9: a knee to the groin, dirty trick, gut punches, double pec claw, even choking Dom9 with his own arm! In agony, Dom9 is kicked to his belly and tries desperately to crawl away, but the 220lbs Iceman18 locks in a sit-down BACK-BREAKING Boston crab! Iceman18 drags Dom9 to his feet slamming him into the wall where a heated round of muscle worship has both wrestlers pinned tight and breathing heavy! Hungry for payback, Dom9 takes Iceman18 down and mounts his chest SMOTHERING Iceman18's face with his sweat-filled trunks. Back on their feet, Iceman18 lifts Dom9 in a fireman's carry SHAKING him up and down as he screams in pain crumbling to the mat. A dark side emerges as Iceman18 removes Dom9's leather vest and singlet using them as weapons to torture his prey. Struggling to breathe, Dom9 peels himself up off the mat barely on all fours as Iceman18 straddles Dom9's back SQUEEZING his ribs with his quads of steel. Not letting up, Iceman18 strikes with a neck-breaking full nelson, but Dom Knight retaliates with a tight sleeper and crushing body scissors! The battle for most dominant rages on as a knee to the groin, dirty tricks, two-handed chokes, skull slams, and MOUTH-WATERING muscle worship leaves one wrestler breathless down for the count!