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body builders choke hold each other

Dom9 vs Jack Beaver Part 1- Custom Video Series 85

$ 25.95

Sleeper fans, prepare for a sleeper challenge like no other! Jack Beaver flexes on the mat when out of nowhere, Dom9 barrels in with a brutal CLOTHESLINE! "What was that?" Beaver gets back up with a confused look on his face, "Where'd you get that tattoo? Is that my girlfriend's name?" Beaver tries moving his singlet strap to take a better look, but Dom9 smacks his hand away covering his juicy pec, "You wanna see what that is? Fight me for it!" "So, if I beat you, you're gonna tell me?" "Sure!" They tie up. Beaver ducks under the muscle beast locking in a sleeper while trying to pull down the singlet, "What does it say?" Dom9 strains to break away as his captor transitions to a tight full nelson. His beefy chest STRETCHED to the max as he moans in pain! "Is that my girlfriend's name?" Beaver launches his victim face first to the mat; Dom9 struggles to his feet breathing heavy. "You sure you got this?" mocks Beaver as he locks in a half nelson trying to read the tattoo. "It says go screw yourself!" groans the beast as he's taken down in a vicious scissor/sleeper combo. Dom9 tries to power out rocking back and forth to escape. "That tattoo doesn't even look good on you!" "That's not what your mom said!" Beaver is pissed at the disrespect and rolls the muscle giant over in a RIB-CRACKING scissors! Dom9 grunts, groans, and breaks out delivering his own NECK-BREAKING full nelson. "Let go of me!" The beast wraps his bulging biceps around Beaver in a crushing bearhug SHAKING and throwing him down, "Still wanna read it?" Dom9 delivers a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors, "Let's make a bet. Is it your girlfriend or your momma?" "Get these big legs off me!" Beaver is dazed barely able to get to his feet before he is CHOKELIFTED against the wall! The stud gasps for air collapsing to the mat as the muscle bull flexes. Beaver is on fire and wants revenge, "Want me to keep torturing you?" Headlocks, full nelsons, the muscle stud takes the big man down mounting his thick chest, "What's it say? You're helpless!" He peels both singlet straps off Dom9's beefy chest and begins choking and GUT PUNCHING his thick abs. The muscle beast is in agony as Beaver transitions to a crushing sleeper. His hulking muscles begin to slump powerless to break away, and he passes out! "You won't tell me guess I just have to flex on you!" Beaver wakes his victim up with a massive forearm to the back and drags him through the house with his sleeper locked in. He finds the other wrestlers in the living room and asks if they know what is says? No one knows how to read Chinese, so a SLEEPER BATTLE breaks out: on the ottoman, on the floor, on couches! Even the 300lbs muscle behemoth Mountain gets involved pissed off at what he's witnessing, "Get up! You're an embarrassment!" The match heads back to the mat: hammerlocks, chokelifts, and loads of sleepers! Will Beaver win the match and finally find out what the tattoo says, or will Dom9 win and escape with his secret?