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Dom9 vs Jessie Lee - Mat Rats 146

$ 25.95

Dom9 immediately locks up Jessie and throws him down into a over the knee back breaker to "break in the rookie." He throws him down and quickly folds him up like a pretzel and grabs handfuls of his glutes! Jesse moans in agonizing pain! He keeps brutalizing his victim on the mat before lifting him up on his broad shoulders. Tying him back up Dom slowly feels Jesse's muscles while he moans in pain. He smothers him in his own muscles making Jesse's moans fade away and muffled in Dom's massive pecs. Jesse can literally taste the sweat on Dom's nipple and Dom does not let up squeezing the air out of his new toy. Jesse counters with a great move pushing Dom's head down between his thighs and locking in TIGHT! When Jesse SLAPS DOM'S CHEST VERY HARD, Dom counters out and continues his torture methods. Dom demands that Jessie make sounds like he enjoys what is happening to him before climbing on top of him and grinding his legs open more and more. In a tense moment, Jessie SPITS IN DOM'S FACE AND DOM SNAPS. He pins Jessie to the mat and dares him to do it again. DOES JESSIE HAVE THE BALLS TO DO THAT? Jessie uses a low blow to gain an advantage getting Dom in a rear sleeper and starts licking his face repeatedly. Dom turns over and stands up with Jessie on his back. He then throws his opponent around the mat like a cat toying with a mouse before locking in a boston crab nearly snapping Jessie in half! He decides this isn't enough and grabs a towel wiping himself off and then choking Jessie out with towel around his neck! When he is flexing for the camera, Jessie slowly wakes up and delivers a low blow taking Dom down. This starts an intense battle of low blows and dirty tricks! Dom uses his power to keep Jessie pinned down before lifting him in a BIG TORTURE RACK! Will Dom have mercy and let Jessie off the hook? Or did Jessie take it to far and have to pay? One wrestler ends the match with a LICK ON THE FACE showing who truly owns who!