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Dom Knight puts Joey King into a sleeper at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Dom9 vs Joey King - Ring Wars 99

$ 25.00
$ 31.59

"What the hell? You look like you just popped out of a dominatrix magazine!" mocks Joey King. "Everyone comes in here talking s**t! Who the f*** are you?" yells a pissed off Dom9. "I'm a pro-wrestler. You wear something like that, you're the one being dominated! Hang your a** from the ceiling and beat the s**t out of you like a piñata!" laughs the hairy hunk. "Try me; you're in f***ing pink tights!" "This is more masculine that what you have on. Turn around let me see the back!" The leather-strapped beast turns around as the devious vet takes him down with a forearm blow to the back. Barely on his knees, Joey straddles the muscle hunk dropping his weight on his lower back and HAMMERS the back of his skull nearly knocking him out! "Come on little pony! Look at you!" laughs the pro-wrestler mounting Dom9's thick back, yanking on his harness, smacking his glutes, "This is a joke right? I'm gonna ride you around this ring!" In control, Joey King drags his victim in a CRIPPLING camel clutch as he groans in pain; his meaty pecs POUNDED with vicious forearm blows! "Look little boy, this is how it's gonna go. I'm gonna spend the next 15 minutes making you my little b****!" "I don't think that's gonna f***ing happen!" gasps Dom9 struggling to breathe as the vet wraps him up in a tight sleeper, DRIVES his face into the ground, then yanks him to his feet by his hair. Still winded, a sharp knee to the gut sends the muscle beast CRASHING back down as Joey King plants his foot on his beefy chest, "Look at ya little chump!" "Get the f*** off me!" His blood boiling, the leather-strapped behemoth springs up lifting the hairy hulk in a massive fireman's carry, "Dominate me? You know my name? It's f***ing Dom cuz that's what I do!" Agonizing screams fill the ring as the pro-wrestler is violently SHAKEN across his boulder shoulders and slammed down. "Turn over!" orders the master of pain locking in a BACK-BREAKING Boston crab with Joey struggling to break free, "Give me the ropes!" "You ain't getting to the ropes! Done yet? Let's crank this in a little further! The behemoth digs in deeper then rolls the pro-wrestler over for a RIB-CRACKING body scissors, "Tell me when you've had enough!" His bones splintering under Dom9's tree-trunk quads, "Ok, I need a break!" "A break? Say you quit!" demands the muscle beast. "I don't think so; I'll quit making fun of ya!" groans the vet as the dominant beast lets go. "I'll give you a break. Pro-wrestler talking s**t about my gear? You just got your little pink panties whooped!" Joey King struggles to his feet taking the master of pain down with a KICK to the knee nearly breaking his leg! The ruthless pro grabs Dom9's injured leg, drapes it over the bottom rope, and DROPS his weight down on it again and again trying to snap it in half as he howls in pain! Not letting up, the hairy hunk yanks his victim up, forces him into the corner, and RAMS his shoulder into his abs until he collapses. "Who's talking s**t now? Who's the dom now, come on boy!" The pro-wrestler chokes his victim with his foot and STOMPS his chest over and over nearly snapping his rib cage as he flails on the ground! Completely gassed, Dom9 struggles to stand; his beefy pecs still red from the brutal assault. "I'm not f***ing done punk!" threatens the master of pain with a NECK-BREAKING full nelson. Joey's face turns red as the pressure builds on his neck, and he crumbles to his knees. Quickly, Dom9 wraps his bulging bicep around his throat putting the hairy hunk to sleep. "A little in ring W!" flexes the beast; his victim barely waking up is taken down again with a vicious clothesline. "I'm tired of being nice! It's about time I take over and show you how to do this s**t! Stay down!" orders Dom9 BURYING his foot deep in Joey's furry chest as he struggles to break out, "You better knock me out b****! I ain't going anywhere!" A devilish grins sweeps across the master of pain's face, "I'm just getting started b****! There's no one here to save you!" A crushing sleeper, thunderous leg drops, brutal attack on the abs, and a METAL CHAIR used as weapon...you won't believe what happens next!