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body builders in bear hugs

Dom9 vs Kasee - Mat Wars 117

$ 34.75

Kasee and new rookie Dom9 have a pose off comparing size. The muscle beast flexes his bulging biceps comparing them to Kasee's head. "This just looks like a big ball. Let me show you what biceps look like." The vet pushes the newbie out of the way. "That's humorous!" laughs Dom9. "I'm not the one eating fast food every day." Kasee pats the bodybuilder's muscle gut. "Maybe you should; maybe you could look like me one day." "I don't want to look like you." Kasee gets the naive bodybuilder to flex a double bicep for him then sneaks up from behind with a half nelson/hammerlock combo! The muscle giant groans in pain as he struggles to escape. The vet jumps on his thick back taking him down to his knees, "Where's those abs at big boy?" Dom9 falls face first to the mat as Kasee locks in a back-breaking Boston crab. The juggernaut is not used to being stretched out like this and groans in agony clawing at the mat. "You give? You're about to!" Kasee releases the hold; Dom9 clutches his aching back and struggles to his feet. Suddenly, the muscle giant charges like a freight train trying to clothesline Kasee, but he is too quick and dodges his repeated attacks. The vet's luck soon runs out as he's trapped in the giant's hulking arms with a vicious belly to back bearhug! Kasee struggles to breathe as he's shaken around like a rag doll. "How'd that feel? Can't run away now!" Dom9 wraps his tree trunks quads around the vet in a massive standing head scissors then takes his scissors down to the mat. "You give? Had enough?" Kasee's face turns white as the blood rushes from his head. He can no longer take the pain, taps, and passes out!

The behemoth slaps his victim awake ready to inflict more damage. "Those thighs are about the only good thing you got going for ya!" "They just beat you! Look at this!" Dom9 flexes and pats his gorilla sized chest then locks Kasee in a tight full nelson. "You're weak bro!" Shockingly, the vet flexes out of his viselike grip, and a back and forth battle to keep the full nelson on ensues. "Think my arms are weak? Want my legs back?" The muscle beast takes Kasee down scissoring his arms back behind his head. The vet is in excruciating pain; the pressure on his neck forces him to scream out, "I'm sorry. I give; I give!" Kasee recovers and wants revenge! He charges in lifting the muscle beast in a crushing front bearhug, shakes him around, and slams him down. The giant is stunned and laid out on his back; now's Kasee's chance! The vet leaps in the air for a crossbody splash but is caught in the giant's powerful pythons and LAUNCHED across the mat! The underdog tries again and again and finally connects! Kasee quickly mounts the bodybuilder's abs, pins his arms down, and stretches out the giant's legs with his legs of steel. The behemoth can't break free as the vet picks up the 1-2-3 count. Dom9 is completely gassed. With one pin a piece, the battle continues..scissors, bearhugs, sleepers. Who comes out on top? It's the age old question of which is better: bigger thicker muscles or smaller toned muscles? You gotta see it to find out!