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Dom9 vs Ken - No Holds Barred 207

$ 25.00
$ 31.59

Dom9 begins by telling the camera how he is trying to move up to bear status with his body hair and lets a smooth bodied Ken get some camera time before they both jump into action! Both Ken and Dom use dirty moves at the start and test each other on the mat, but they can't seem to keep their hands to themselves at the same time. Both studs balance wrestling and muscle worship perfectly. The intense action keeps up with Ken as the aggressor using sleeper holds and pins to counter Dom's power. Dom finds his way on top of Ken and uses similar moves against Ken throwing in some dirty moves. At one point Dom gets very close and looks like he is trying to kiss Ken! DID HE REALLY TRY AND DO THAT?! Ken breaks out and questions Dom's moves and the two men snap back into rough wrestling. Dom pins Ken down using a schoolboy pin for a count of 3! But Ken is not going to stop and keeps attacking. He locks Dom in a full nelson and it appears once again Dom tries to go in for a kiss! Ken fights against it and they roll out. Dom uses technical and professional wrestling to control and punish Ken and of course can't help but throw in dirty moves. When Ken gets to his feet, Dom uses his thunderous quads to keep momentum in the match squeezing Ken's head. Ken only has one option to get out...play dirty! Dom must tap out from the pain! A break from the action shows a flex off and Ken antagonizing Dom as he gets more and more frustrated. Ken isn't happy Dom is hogging the camera time and hits a vicious low blow knocking Dom out of the picture so he can flex. Dom returns that favor in an even more violent manner! The dirty moves open the floodgates for Dom to play dirty and the game begins! Dom gets VERY AGGRESSIVE and low blows Ken taking him down and then pins him to the mat in a humiliating schoolboy pin. "YOU'RE A F*CKING LOSER!" Ken is not a fan of Dom and fights back. He locks in a rear sleeper and stretches Dom's legs all the way out. But Dom is in dirty mode and grabs at Ken's nipple to get out. The end of the match is as aggressive and intense as you have ever seen! Was Dom really trying to kiss Ken? Because there is a kiss at the end of this match...