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Dom9 vs Monkey Boy - Rough & Ready 144

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

BIG vs little!

Dom9 - 215 lbs. vs Monkey Boy - 140 lbs.

Dom9 is flexing when suddenly Monkey Boy makes a DRAMATIC entrance! Dom does not put up with bullshit and SNATCHES Monkey Boy in an aggressive side headlock before picking him off the ground with a BRUTAL wedgie! Monkey Boy leaps onto Dom's back but Dom flips him over his head SLAMMING him to the mat! He drops down in a schoolboy pin and flexes over the tiny Monkey Boy. Dom wraps his tree trunk legs around Monkey Boys body and tortures him before moving to his head and squeezing even harder!

Monkey Boy has a lot of energy and stays on top of Dom! Dom tells Monkey Boy where and when he can touch him. He gives Monkey Boy a window to feel his defined muscles. "YOU CAN'T DISTRACT ME WITH THOSE MUSCLES!" But that is just what Dom does flexing and smothering Monkey Boy in his pecs and abs. Monkey Boy starts to fight too much and Dom makes him pay with dirty moves! He makes him worship and kiss his muscles and they get pumped up and harder! Dom's domination gets rougher and rougher and Monkey Boy uses a series of HARD low blows to get Dom on his knees.

Dom doesn't stay down long and throws Monkey Boy across the mat and teaches him his role in Thunders Arena...being under Dom. Spanking, low blows, ball claws, and power moves highlight the action as Dom squashes the rookie twink Monkey Boy.

Download today and find out why this match has already gone viral before it's release!