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Dom9 vs Phish - Mat Wars 178

$ 31.59

Phish feels he was cheated in his match with Baby Herc and wants everyone to know that he wants the biggest and baddest next! Then the door SLAMS and Dom9 enters. Phish is flabbergasted at his return! He just wants to feel Dom's massive muscles but that was all a ruse just to get into position and deliver a HARD low blow! Dom drops to the mat and Phish takes his chance and wraps Dom in a rear naked choke! Dom stands up with Phish on his back about to slam him to the mat when Phish hits Dom with another low blow sending both men crashing to the mat!

Dom gets off the mat and him and Phish go toe to toe. Dom lifts Phish up and drops him into a brutal over the knee backbreaker before slamming all 205 lbs of bodyweight on top on Phish! Phish is in trouble now that Dom is warmed up. Dom lifts Phish up slinging him around the room and slamming him to the mat. Dom uses his tree trunk legs to wrap Phish in a body scissors before reaching up and engulfing Phish in a sleeper!

Phish is on the verge of passing out when Dom realizes just how tough Phish is! He stands him up and lifts him in a bearhug squeezing tighter and tighter and then lifts Phish up in a ONE ARM CHOKE LIFT!  Phish is taking more and more punishment as the match goes on and Dom is giving it to him one move at a time! Will Phish walk off the mat today? Or will Dom's return end Phish's run as Thunders' heel?