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Dom9 vs Reggie - Custom Video Series 165

$ 31.25

Dom9's Revenge 😈

Dom and Reggie have been impatiently waiting to get their hands on each other again! Reggie shows up late and Dom wastes no time wrapping him up in a headlock and slamming him to the mat! Reggie uses all 260 lbs of muscle to counter Dom and smash his ass in his face! Dom comes back throwing Reggie down and wrapping him in a sleeper. Reggie uses a low blow to get back on top of Dom. Reggie lifts Dom and Dom wraps his legs around Reggie's neck slowly tightening until Reggie grabs Dom by the balls to make him let go. 

Dom tricks Reggie into muscle worship and wraps his arms around Reggie's neck and starts to put him to sleep! "EVER HEARD OF EDGING?" Dom plays a game slowly putting Reggie ever so close to passing out and then letting go. Dom repeats this over and over until Reggie breaks out and slams his weight on top of Dom. Reggie is aggressive with the dirty moves this match and hits Dom with another low blow! Dom is stuck under the massive bodybuilder as Reggie inflicts more pain! 

Dom makes it to his feet and wraps Reggie in a brutal chest to chest bearhug! Dom gets behind Reggie and smothers him in a full nelson. Reggie drops own and shoves his ass right into Dom's face! Dom fights for air as he smothers in Reggie's glutes.

The action gets steamier as both guys get turned on and more intense! The sweat pours and the muscle worship heats up!

Both bodybuilders have no mercy on their rival! This hot ending will have you gasping for air! Don't miss the final installment of the rivalry of 2022!